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Heres to hoping.

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ZOMG I want to win!

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Rocket sausage!

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I want it! It would be so grand!

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yeah I would just like to say, FUCK the DLC. The game was very enjoyable, the races not intensely hard or frustrating and when you could do player's choice, it was just a matter of figureing out how to cheese the system, not in the DLC, each contest is a huge frustrating mess.

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anyone know what all the changes are in 1.7, and also 1.7 is also 800 odd megs, do i need to keep both the 1.6 800 meg update and now this new 1.7 800 meg update or can i delete the old ones?

HELP!!!! ;P

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So after playing it for the past 4 hours and getting extremely frustrated I can say two things.

1. That Easiest is still damn hard if you aren't used to the controls. I could not pull of ryu's ultra or super for the life of me.
2. The game is fun with friends!

Even back when I picked up HD remix i sucked real bad at the arcade mode, but when my buddies came over and we are all similar in level its fun!
So even though it is frustrating, I am willing to put the time and play it. I mean its Street FIGHTER!

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I submit to you the giant bomb community and in an Email to the bombcast these striking similarities in the background crowds in SSTF2 and the hot furor that is on the internets, Jersey Fist Pumping.

I Present Exhibit A.

Since I have been spending alot of time in the recent week's trying to sharpen my SSF2T skills I couldn't help but notice the insane amount of fist pumping.

What is going on!?

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I like the idea of being somewhat self-referential but also maybe trying to keep it in the same theme of the giant bomb namesake. ATO's so far is the best.

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What makes Hl2 better than _most_ FPS is that it does everything well. 

Think back to most fps you play, even the new ones that come out now, there are always either minor or massive hick ups in the gaming process
When they recently reviewed Dead Space here and they couldn't really come up with anything bad to say thats what comes to mind when I think of the HL franchise. It just does everything well. Is it AMAZING! well not really to everyone, but people like myself enjoy when everything is well fleshed out and the over all experience is good, its a good game, not major hickups no annoying constantly respawning mobs, no nonsense!
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