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Interesting, thanks for the information!

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So wouldn't it be fairly easy to get everything to the soft cap in NG? Then what would you level in NG+? If you're not leveling what do you do with your echoes?

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Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking I'll go along the lines of what DonChipolte (great name) said. Commit to skill and for a while and see how it goes. Anyone know where NG+ caps? I thought that in Dark Souls 2 it was 7 or so.

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I've been having a lot of trouble deciding between strength or skill. I really like the Threaded Cane, but the Kirkhammer just seems so cool. What stats have you been focusing on?

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I feel like I'm reading Gamefaqs.

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I... uhm... okay?

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I'll definitely jump on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt train. I'm about halfway through the season and it's fantastic! Ellie Kemper is a delight and Tina Fey is God Teir as always. Watch it!

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@alwaysbebombing: Oh hey, great! The bottle has no refills left on it. When that happened I didn't have to go in or anything, the pharmacy just contacted the doctor. I'd get a new PCP but with my hours I'd have to take time off to do it which hasn't been an option yet. I'm just worried I'll run out of it, probably not supposed to go cold turkey...

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Nope, same area but I got a job at a healthcare provider so obviously I can only go to doctors in that network. Thanks for the response, maybe it's not a complicated as I was thinking.

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May not be the right place to ask but I was here so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Okay, so I have a take everyday indefinitely kind of perscription. Since my last refill I got a new job/new insurance, and I can't go to that doctor anymore. The perscription needs a doctor's approval to be refilled. All that, and I haven't had time off from the new job to get a new doctor.

Anyone know if there's a way to fill that prescription?