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Rea: Can I get my Street Fighter without sexual harassment?

Umm...When you make a Street Fighter that is not conducive to sexual harassment, maybe you can...

I mean, look at this cammy pic for goodness sake. How can you make a product like this and act like you are surprised when there is sexual harassment. I seriously hate how women are portrayed in these games, and when someone from the eSports community is influenced by images that they are being payed to look at, Capcom gets all "WOMEN ARE EQUAL AS LONG AS THEY HAVE HUGE BOOBS".

Give me a break

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I'm Gabe!

I used to do Kung Fu and now I don't and that makes me sad.

I also play guitar, but my guitar was stolen, so now I'm double sad :'(

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This reads like you copied and pasted it from a squidoo and have little comprehension on the subject. Contrary to popular belief, woman are humans too.

And I don't know why you should go around touting Average girls are best, implying that attractive women do not want to enjoy themselves or are not nice.

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1. You're not a fucking loser. If you were, you wouldn't have manned up to ask (in front of friends no less). No self deprecation allowed

2. I know its hard believing there are more girls in the world that whats in your school, but there are. Keep on trucking. You'll win out eventually

3. PLZ be VERY skeptical about what advice you take from the internet (even this), especially as it pertains to women. Lots of these guys seem to be posting things that were popular with the advent of The Game and Mystery method. Not to say those things don't hold water, but I would venture to say they will make you look like a deusch-ass in high school, and not all together relatable to that age group.

Keep your chin up. I'm proud of you for talking with a real life girl in real life.

P.S. Don't tell her she looks like a Naruto character unless you're 1000000% sure she knows what you're referring to

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That took me like 2 seconds. I guess I'm just the most clever person ever in the world ever or something.

Seriously though, the keys spell out ESC. Not really surprised people are too dumb to figure it out though