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Clearly the best option is watching the full Grindhouse experience.

I remember actually enjoying Death Proof more, as I always love Tarantino's writing.Both are great though, and by god don't forget all the trailers.

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@filipholm: My first one was just a cheapo one I got off ebay, but I ended up buying a nicer one on a family holiday to Turkey for way cheaper than importing one would be, at least here in the UK anyways.

Awesome, I was planning on looking around for one if I visit Turkey in the future.

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As someone who has compulsively bought way too many instruments, my favourite to play is probably my baglama, love it to death.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy your Baglama? I recently purchased one myself, a beginner instrument but I love it. In the future I might want to upgrade it hence why I'm asking.

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There are so many instruments that I love, I can't really pick just one.

For playing the one I currently prefer is the Oud:

For listening the Armenian "Duduk" (which I also play) has always sparked the strangest feelings in me. So maybe that one?

And then every other instrument that exist.

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Sutherland is a great actor, but there is truth in that Hayters voice is part of what makes Snake Snake. Then again, this is Big Boss so I'm fine with that. If, however, Sutherland somwhow voiced Solid Snake as well, I don't know that I would feel the same way.

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Reading all this reminded me how much I love the insanity that is the Metal Gear story arc.

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I enjoyed it, you have a great voice and I like your guitar playing. It's a good song technically as well, not that I know much about crafting a song, but it flows well and the harmonizing was a good touch. The song borders on folk as well, which made me enjoy it more.

Keep it up duder!

Awesome, thank you :)

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@aetheldod: Thanks man :) Any comment is appreciated. Obviously it isn't going to appeal to everyone, but thank you for the compliments :)

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So I make music. And I have a project/group called "Zini" that try to make music that fuses together all kinds of different styles and cultures into one.

The latest (and second) release a very straight forward pop song, which is not the kind of music we usually make, but you have to try everything, right?

I did however write the song, as well as play guitar and sing.

It's called "Volution".




Hope you like it and that it's not too irrelevant.

Tell me what you think!


(Also, here is a facebook-page:

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Isn't this a question of how we define "taste" though? I've seen some goods points made in this thread.

The purpose of a video game is generally for people to enjoy it, right? Regardless of how "broken" or "bad" it is there is always some people out there who are going to enjoy it. Therefore the game served its purpose? This is how I look at things, and usually don't divide things into bad or good. Of course in social occasions I'll state things like "this is so baaad" because I'm not that far up my own ass, but I basically see it as I either like something or I don't.

I used to be one of those people who thought I knew what made a movie good and what made it bad, that I had some secret knowledge of what works and what doesn't because I worked as a reviewer and made movies myself. I later realized that I don't know shit, and that no one really does. I like it or I don't, if someone else doesn't I'd love to have a conversation about why, but in the end it doesn't affect me. And I would never accuse that person of having "bad taste" because he had a different opinion.

I feel like I'm not adding a lot to the conversation here, but I was bored and had an opinion, so there you go.