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Jesus Christ, this came out of nowhere. Fuck.

I've not been a very longtime reader and listener but I do know that I will miss his terrific giggle laugh and great sense if humour. Just today I watched a really, really old quicklook with him and Vinny and...well shit, I'm going to be missing his voice on everything here for a long time.

I wish his family and the Bomb crew all the best and my regards.

Giant Bomb has lost it's giantest bomb.


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Thanks for the link to the list, added myself as well.

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I have a question.

Been dabbling around in the 1st human starting area and already seeing I'm in love with this game. The art is so goddamn beautiful. Wow.

I can also see there's a shitload of stuff I have no idea how it works, what stuff does, what to do with most inventory stuff, etc.

How is the GB guild with newbies asking a lot of questions and is there some EU attendance? Would love to join the fold :)

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Guess I'll wait for a demo/trial version then (if there ever will be one).

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Thanks for the replies, if any people in the know could give me heads up if, with this laptop, I can play on something like medium or so, let me know :)

AMD Turion(tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-82 (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz

4096MB RAM

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3850

Thanks in advance. Otherwise I'm just gonna stick to my PS3 and Ipad gaming :)

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I dusted off my old laptop to see if I could play GW2, because I would like to get in on the fun.

Heading to the site made me happy because everything is way in the green, thing is, the processor speed there is empty. My CPU is 2.2 Ghz, listing on the GW2 site has the minimum CPU speed on 2.0 Ghz. So a minimal yay.

How much would this effect. well, basically everything? I wouldn't like playing on low settings.

Can't post my current specs cause I'm writing this on my GF's Imac, but everything else passed the test pretty well it seemed.

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So, about 3 hours into the game I'm running into "Ooooh, that's good to know" things and also "How the hell does that work?" things as well as "Why would this work like this?" questions.

Thought this might be a nice enough place to bundle that kind of stuff.


In battle mode enemies don't seem to move over loot bags making for some nice tactics and making some fights a helluva lot easier

Inventory space can be embiggened by buying new bags at vendors


The equip/compare screen doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. When equipping armor for instance it only seems to list current stats and stats when not equipping that item. No stats to quickly see if an item is better/worse than currently equipped item. What am I missing?

What do the useable little animals do like little panda, small stork etc. Are those attribute modification permanent or temporary? My guess is permanent?

Stackable items are no-go I guess?


Camera system in combat when up against nearest wall.

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Well bah. Who the hell let that feature in then? Pointless indeed.

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Yeah, it's weird since it explains everything else. It's an annoying feature I think, I just keep stuffing him with apples. Would make sense you get some more negative effects if you're hungry?

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So...AAAAAAARGH. Delayed with no real explanation given besides localisation. This truly sucks donkey-balls.

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