A Long Overdue Thanks to Giant Bomb

The Bombcast set the bait, the Endurance Run reeled me in.

In late 2008 I was not in a great place in my life. I had just gone through a breakup and was on the tail end of an discouraging job. I was faced with a familiar place psychologically and that was depression. I wasn't unstable and I wasn't in need of serious help, I was simply sad and unhappy with where I was. In my spare time between making sandwiches and playing some video games I began looking for a place online to put my time into. One of those places was the iTunes list of video game podcasts.

I had always been interested in video games but never was able to dive too deep into the business or enthusiast side of things until college. After listening to a handful of shows I stumbled upon only one really stuck out with a level of energy and enthusiasm that I was drawn to. That energy was led by Ryan Davis, the first voice you hear on most Giant Bombcasts, who drew me into the site itself. Soon I was an avid user watching the Persona 4 endurance run daily and burning through the older Bombcasts eventually reaching Arrow Pointing Down.

Shame and breast milk.

Eventually I was a user and then a member. I explored the site itself and eventually discovered Comic Vine and Anime Vice. When they launched I tried out Tested and then Screened. In particular Screened was a place I rediscovered my love of movies and TV and could openly express it. In what all seems like one big blur I was a moderator and now community manager. Quite simply Giant Bomb led me to a paid position at a Whiskey Media website.

I never met Ryan Davis, nor any of the Whiskey Media family of staff. But each one of them has gotten me through some good days and some bad days with a smile. They've challenged me to think of the things I love differently and did it in a way that entertained me. So I'm taking this moment, albeit way too late, to give one big thank you to those of you in front of, and behind of, the cameras at Giant Bomb for years of smiles and laughter.

I apologize, this was more stream of conscious rather than well thought out. I'll miss Ryan Davis and owe him more than a thank you.

Posted by PatVB

I absolutely know where you're coming from re: GB helping you through a rough time. Thanks for sharing.

I'll be in touch on Screened soon...I need to get back into the game. It's been way too long.

Posted by alwaysbebombing

I wish I could show them some kind of thanks for all that they did for me.

Posted by NegativeCero

I've decided to read all the blogs everyone writes to say goodbye to Ryan. If nothing else it'll help me read how others feel about today. Nice blog @finaldasa.

Posted by ThePickle

Keep up the good work on Screened duder. Ryan was kind of like the third member of Screened back when Alex and Rorie ran it. I remember him being on the podcast and Screening Room a bunch. And, of course, the hand holding. He loved him some movies. And I loved me some Ryan. It's a huge loss but we'll get through it as one. E pluribus unum, dude.

Edited by FinalDasa

@patvb: It's weird to think about how one group of people can mean so much to you simply by "being there". And you're always welcomed on Screened :D

@alwaysbebombing: I think posting and sharing your thoughts and feelings help. It can show the staff what they and Ryan mean to you and it can help us cope as well.

@negativecero: Thank you!

@thepickle: Yeah, I spotted one of the old videos they did on road trip movies. I need to make sure I download those just in case. Thanks for the kind words.

Posted by Milkman

I want to apologize if I was ever rude to you when Rorie left you Screened. I know how much you care about the site and how much work you put into it. Thank you for keeping it alive after all this time.

Posted by ProfessorEss

@finaldasa said:

That energy was led by Ryan Davis, the first voice you hear on most Giant Bombcasts...

And usually the last. The thought of Ryan never being on the podcast again is... I don't know, it just won't process.

Posted by FinalDasa

@milkman: No worries, I totally understand the frustration. Thanks for the kind words, I'm doing my best!

@professoress: It's strange to think about it was probably him that hooked me into this website initially. Who couldn't be enthralled by the energy he gave out every time?

Posted by csl316

Keep fighting the good fight for Screened.

Guess I'll be listening to Ryan's disgusted appearance on the Screenedcast on my drive home tonight (again).

Posted by FinalDasa

@csl316: Thanks! I need to go back and listen to those as well. I had watched a few of the videos he did on Screened, forgot how much he loved movies.