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@bisonhero: I only just recently changed it. The Rock with a Lion's head on was too much to resist!

@takashichea Thanks! I'm always down to give AV help.

Thanks to everyone else's warm wishes. I'll try to not ban you all in the first week.

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I got dat purp.

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Specific things like strategies, lists of weapons and stuff like that should almost certainly be on the guide page rather than the main wiki page.


More information usually isn't a bad thing and if you're adding to an already big article on the wiki just make sure you format it and organize it. Images also help to break up walls of text.

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Using actual star count is kind of interesting since you could come really close and still lose.

Does anyone know if getting or achieving stars is more difficult or easier in other Mario Party games?

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I wear glasses. Without these glasses I can't see very far. I need these glasses.

Do you think someone could either wear glasses while wearing the Oculus? Or are there enough lenses to use that someone like me could probably find a decent substitute for my glasses?

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I realize Giantbomb is small and all, but it is super weird that they were given funding to higher two people exactly a month before that many people in the same office get axed. I hope that this doesn't end up affecting this site at all, but who can say?

Giant Bomb hired two video guys. GameSpot is firing writers. Shifting paradigms, revolutionizing outside the box, etc.

It fucking sucks.

Isn't Ryan MacDonald a video guy?

Yep, and two others mentioned in a tweet from earlier were GS producers including one who worked on The Lobby. This seems like a general cleaning of house and focusing on a handful of employees who do both on and off camera work rather than a "fire the writers" layoff.

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Wow, this one REALLY bums me out.

I don't know. The only thing I enjoyed with him in it was when Ryan was yelling at him on his stupid show. Not saying I'm glad he's fired or whatever. Don't really care either way.

Whether you enjoyed his content or not he was still let go and that's still a bad thing to happen. Basic sympathy isn't hard or at least keeping unsympathetic thoughts about someone to yourself is pretty simple.

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Wow that's a bummer. She's a great writer and a great voice to have within the industry, hopefully she and anyone else bounces back quickly.

I wonder what this means for Gamespot and CBSi overall. Gamespot always seemed a little bloated in terms of staff but I assumed they did enough traffic to make up for it all. And recently they've seemed to become more focused with their content emphasizing live streams, live chat, and topical discussions. They've been highlighting new and unique games with some of their shows and really though they were on their way to some really good stuff.

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Cash in hand is worth more than a potential money making franchise for Crytek I guess.

They must be really struggling to start selling IP. Then again it was barely their IP so maybe this is just a measure to ensure they have the cash to keep going.