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I wasn't sure how excited I would or could be for the new Star Wars until the latest teaser. I've always been a fan of Star Wars and I think if you're of a certain age you probably, at some point, have been excited about the films. For me my dad would always let me watch them and when I was about the right age the special editions were released in theaters. Shortly after were the prequels and once I grew old enough I have been buying the films on DVD and Blu-Ray.

While the prequels and some of the Star Wars stuff since then hasn't been up to par (hell you could argue Return wasn't great and certainly none of TV series were great back in the 80s) but it's still Star Wars. It straddles that sci-fi fantasy line really well and for a lot of adults and children has the potential to be something truly special.

For the franchise it now has 3 generations or so firmly in its grasp. And as people my age or older have families those children will be introduced to the films, old and new, and continue to make new fans.

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I used my Xbox One for cable back when I had it. The One's guide menu worked much better than Verizon's default menu. And the voice controls were really nice the handful of times I would use them.

WiiU is mostly collecting dust unfortunately. I wish Nintendo would drop prices on some of their older titles, or at least make their digital stuff cheaper, but alas.

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My PC came with Windows 8 and it's not a big difference. I don't like some of the features but for the most part it feels like a Windows machine to me.

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That's great! I was away this weekend and didn't get a chance to watch but you duders clearly did a good job, keep it up!

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Based on looks alone I voted for the Seaside map.

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@junkboy0 said:

I do want to ask, before someone just says something about them, how do we feel about talking about the 3 other leaked episodes of the fifth season? For those that don't know the first four episodes were leaked online from a screener before the season began. @finaldasa You should add something to the first post about it, while some might've already watched it others might not want anything spoiled and would prefer watching them weekly as they're released.

I mention it in my post, no discussion of leaked episodes. Only discuss episodes that have aired on TV.

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Game of Thrones started its fifth season this past Sunday and while the season continues on for the next few weeks I figured I'd give us all a spot to talk about it. While this is open for discussion please don't spoil anything from the books or from any leaked episodes for the show. Only discuss what has happened on shows aired and nothing else so everyone can enjoy all the crazy deaths and revelations as they happen.

However anything before season 5 is open game! So if you don't want to hear about the red wedding or who is and isn't alive then beware.

If you wanna know whereabouts the season is at any given time check out this wikipedia article. Not sure how quickly someone updates it but you can scroll down and see what episodes have aired and click through to read deeper details about what happened.

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I want a day 1 update. Games will never be perfect and eventually have to be released. The day one update ensures the developer can continue to work on and fix any problems or bugs the game may still have. Day one updates make it a better experience.

Now if you want to talk about increasing download speeds or decreasing update/install files in games, that's the discussion we need to have.

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PCs already skipped the BluRay format and went straight to digital. DVD is still being used because it is the most common drive for most PCs on the market making it more cost effective.