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I hadn't heard of this game until last week and until the QL I assumed it was a physics puzzle game like World of Goo.

I'm certainly interested but more than likely this isn't a day one purchase for me. I do enjoy strategy games like this from time to time but not usually of this ilk.

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I could stare at that last .gif for hours...................

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I wonder if this will be a full trailer or a full on info dump. I assume this is a late 2015 release so maybe that means we just get a trailer?

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College is a good way to transition from high school to the real world, it's almost like real world light.

Honestly everyone finds a way. You'll find a solution for yourself pretty quickly. My only advice would be to not bite off more than you can chew (aka don't commit to an expensive apartment without a consistent job to back it up) and don't forget to enjoy it. Even when you're not in the ideal of conditions remember to have fun, keep up with your responsibilities, and everything will work out.

In a few years you'll look back at being scared and worried about 'life' and wonder why you ever worried.

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If you can, play with some friends. Playing with friends takes a lot of the stress of learning off of just you and can be helpful than learning from a sometimes angry and spiteful stranger in a random match.

Also you can spend some time in bot matches getting down some of the controls and hero powers before diving into the deep end of the pool.

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No youtube spam on the site.

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I'll give it a shot without a subscription. I like the Elder Scrolls universe but not enough to shell out money on a monthly basis. And especially not for a MMO (I personally am not deeply invested into MMOs).

But the Quick Look GB did and all the changes and updates I'm sure that have gone into the game are enough to at least have me try it out.

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@hanner74: If you're wondering about specific locks on specific threads feel free to use the PM all mods button on the right side of the forums. It's the best way to ask us something or to let us know about something.

Generally though we state the reason why we're locking something in the final comment on the thread. Each thread is different and will be locked for different reasons.

I'm locking this thread because: A. This is something to be taken up with us mods and not publicly. B. I don't want this topic to turn into a "they locked my thread too!" thread.

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This is Youtube spam.

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Before this devolves into more blaming and sideways accusations I'll lock this down.

Especially since the mistake has been since fixed I don't see what further speculation of how or why serves any purpose.