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@hassun said:

I wouldn't vote against her:


I'm with the Sentris Faction.

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Dan's humor through all this is admirable. Hope everything gets back to him or replaced soon. Someone that positive doesn't deserve this.

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Living in Florida there's always some small things you should keep around just in case a hurricane does show up. Usually though you have some warning, at least a day or so, before any storm hits but that doesn't mean you should assume everything you need will be available.

A good flashlight, something useful inside and out, and several candles help. You don't realize how dark it gets when you have lamps you can flip on and off but light is never a bad idea. I almost always have some canned food in my cabinet but that and water would be my first purchase on any preparedness trip. My mom owns a battery powered radio/TV but I'm thinking of eventually getting a crank powered one. Information is incredibly important for the 48-72 hours you could be without help. So know when help is available, and where it is available, is super vital.

Oh and a bottle of whiskey never hurts.

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Stepping in to remind everyone to be kind to one another. I understand you may get heated but that could be a sign to step away for a moment and think about your words.

If you really believe this conversation should continue to happen, then don't be a jerk to one another.

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Brad and the team he's on have been playing in a game industry tournament and I believe those have been streamed in the chat. It's someone else commentating so it isn't like Daily Dota, but it's been fun to watch.

Even as I've been playing Dota I think I'd still like to watch a Dota learning stream or two. So much of Dota isn't explained or spelled out, so having some of the 'meta' talked about would really help.

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*Sort of. I actually just wrote up a blog that I need to edit and format so it looks pretty. It's certainly unique.

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@president_barackbar: I think the conversation can happen, I just think it begins to happen and someone hijacks the issue. I do resuppose that there is a group of people on the internet who don't care to, or want to, have a deeper conversation. It's why you see people saying "I don't want to be called a 'gamer' anymore", the user base can be so toxic that it's frightening developers and players away.

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I was already able to stream some .MP4s from my PC to my One through my wireless router. I'll have to tinker around to see if this will allow me to play more video types I have kicking around or not.

Being able to stream essentially anything from my PC would be nice though. I wasn't going to use Xbox Video to start renting movies anytime soon.

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I'm sure Patrick and Alex will discuss it from time to time on the morning show. I believe they did so a bit during last season.

Hopefully you like the Bears :D

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Suddenly bummed I won't be going to PAX Prime, that private party for members sounds like a ton of fun. Not to mention the usual panel craziness.