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When I become 'blah' about a game or a genre I usually step away for awhile. Sometimes another genre will help cleanse the pallet or even just picking a Netflix show and spending my time that way leaves me refreshed for more video games.

Don't be afraid to just not play for awhile. Nothing says you have to play games to keep up with them.

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Suddenly wish I knew Japanese. I'll have to wait until a bigger write up is done after TGS. I'm really curious about this game now and maybe that's only because I want to be excited for a Final Fantasy game.

Really feels like they're trying their hand at something new especially with the setting. The combat as well looks interesting and I'm hoping the interactions with the other characters is something intuitive when playing. Right now that combat looks awesome but easily confusing.

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@rorie: Oh oh oh. Whoops, I read that wrong then. I think that's the secret some probably don't talk about much. Though the gaming press can and totally do have an impact they are, sometimes, not a factor. Destiny has sold like crazy but has just a slightly above average Metacritic score.

And just as you point out, it's that way everywhere. Transformers has steadily gone downhill as a franchise (not that it started from such great heights) and yet it makes money anyway.

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@heyguys: So that means it's terrible? I enjoyed it only because I thought it could give someone who has never had depression the idea of what the mental disorder is like. I showed it to a roommate who couldn't wrap his head around depression (saying "just cheer yourself up") and he began to get why it wasn't all that easy.

All in all it's not a full on game. I can't see someone reviewing it but I can see someone mentioning it and showing a friend, which is what I did. That isn't grounds for conspiracy theories imo. And there are plenty of smaller indie games that get talked about but don't get reviews. Especially now that there is early access of games. Rust has no reviews on Metacritic but was talked about by sites, Youtubers, and Twitch streamers alike. Is that evidence of a conspiracy or just a community passing around a game that could be/is awesome?

Honestly I think it's fine for people to question connections and relationships between developers of all kinds and the gaming press. But again, this should be about solutions to the problem we all have admitted is there and not constantly trying to convince one side or the other a conspiracy exists or doesn't.

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@roadshell: I can totally see how that's a big difference, but I also think when you work so closely to an industry and you see marketing, PR, and developers from the bigger companies over and over at events, you become cordial enough to be friends. Giant Bomb has very much been that way with smaller and bigger developers but they usually force those guys to drink on camera. I'm not saying either relationship is good or bad.

I get what you're saying that indie developers are much more interesting stories because it's often times a handful of people rather than 100's. That's part of the reason I say to develop your own relationship, obviously over the internet, with a reviewer and a site. Get to know the policies and how they handle PR, developer, and reviewer relationships.

I will say you thinking Depression Quest is cheap or not fun is an opinion, and the press are also allowed to have their own opinion. I don't think seeing a game do well in the press means you must search for any connection.

I understand why there is outrage, frustrations, and the call to change the video game press. It should be more funneled into a positive and constructive criticism and solution. When you form all that into conspiracy theories that pop up every week that come from seemingly nothing (I'm referring to the email list mainly) it shuts down the conversation.

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@rockdalf: For sure and it's been that way for awhile. Which is a little scary because some Youtubers have taken marketing money and didn't disclose it. Again something I don't hear about often as people argue against indie developers.

But also like you I take the opinions and viewpoints of the GB guys really lightly. I don't brush them off because I respect what they have to say but I don't always think they're valid for me. For example I know Jeff loves COD. I'll know his critisms will be even more on point when he makes them but I also know his review of the next one won't match up with me. So I listen for other opinions and make my choice.

I think a lot of consumers haven't been doing this and thus are angry. I get why they would be upset but if they maybe knew the scope of what they think is unethical they'd be dumbfounded. I think the solution is positivity. Enough attacks, accusations, hacking, and really anything else. If you're upset over your favorite website, go make your own. I don't mind the conversation, I mind how we're treating one another.

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@theveteran13: Damn right I'm alright! lol I need to listen to ETID newest album more but it didn't click with me right away. I think they're touring soon so I hope I can remember and see them again. Last time they invited everyone on stage to sing along. It was quite crazy.

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I usually bop around servers, saving any I enjoy. Lowest ping and lots of players are my only requirements. Though I do prefer not to have to download a bunch of stuff before playing.

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My vote would be Gamma World. I have it sitting in my closet until I can remember to bring it over to my friend's place. I still have yet to play it but it looks like a lot of fun. You just have to get away from the fantasy D&D every now and again.

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Do the figures from the first game work with the 2nd?

I keep eyeing that first bundle because I wouldn't mind having fun with the game and owning some of my favorite characters but if I can get Marvel too and not have to buy both games that would be ideal.

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