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Dr. Tracksuit has a lot on his mind. Keeping his business relationships in mind while cutting deals and promos has to be difficult.

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I don't know if I like it, but it is better. If you're exploring/filtering through the store then it works best. Some of the elements, like recommendations, I wish could be hidden or moved. Overall though I think it looks better and is a bit easier to navigate, which were my major two faults with the store.

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I don't know if I would categorize the attitude towards this game as hateful.

Instead it was more of a let down. I for one did want to play the game but to shell out $60 for a multiplayer only shooter didn't seem worth my money. I do know plenty of people, like Chris Watters over at Gamespot, really enjoyed Titanfall and kept up coverage of the DLC.

I do look forward to a Titanfall 2 and hope they can expand on those original ideas further and make them better.

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I gave it an hour or so, enjoyed what I did play, but never went back.

I was going to try and convince my friends who are playing 4 to ditch and get into 3 Ultimate, but I don't think that'll work.

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@monkeyking1969: If you do work with Game Maker, Tom Francis (the designer behind Gunpoint) did a great Youtube series explaining the basics of the program.

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Twine, Stencyl, and Game Maker come to mind. Game Maker especially is very popular and has been used to make Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami, and Gunpoint.

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Disagreeing with someone is one thing, but dropping in to leave an insulting or dismissive comment is another. No reason to be a jerk to someone you disagree with.

Locking this down before more people jump on the insulting statement bandwagon.

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Go to the Indie Mega Booth. And check out any small or unknown games you see.

When I went last year there were lines for Evolve and Evil Within but the Indie games are what still stand out to me. It's pretty amazing to have that insider knowledge about a lesser known game so early.

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I'd rather have seen this fight several years ago.

At one time I could have seen my friends and I splitting the PPV cost and having a party for this fight. Now they seem a little over the hill (I honestly didn't know Pacquiao was still fighting full time) and watching highlights seems fine to me.

If a nice bar nearby shows the fight I might walk over and watch it. Other than that I'll probably forget about it until the day of or after.