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To be fair I think this kind of communication of what they know is wrong and are working on is fantastic. Only a handful of years ago we'd be waiting for press releases or news stories to find this stuff out and most of the time it would be a simple "we're working on it".

And these seem like smaller fixes and not game breaking in any way.

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40 ounces of alcohol are illegal here in Florida for some reason. The biggest you can get is about 32 ounces and only until recently have growlers become legal to purchase.

It's kind of strange since Florida isn't exactly a dry state and excluding 40s just seems really strange.

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This is my current alarm ring tone:

For general notifications I use the Metal Gear alert noise and for texts I have the Galaga extra ship noise. I am thinking about mixing them all up some time soon so maybe some of the suggestions will be good enough to steal!

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This is a 4 year old thread. Maybe, just maybe, this isn't relevant anymore.

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The Yogscast fundraising seems the dirtiest/strangest one to me. Others like Double Fine, Amplitude, or even Skull Girls' new character were all "controversial" but those trying to raise money were upfront, available for questions, and open about development and goals.

With Yogscast they had an active and enthusiastic fanbase that saw their money disappear with little explanation as to what actually happened. I used to really like that channel but eventually fell off with watching regularly. I was really disappointed to see them so willing to watch all that happen and move on from it like it was a mild mistake and not a major one.

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This is such a shame but not too shocking.

I wonder if developing the old game for older consoles gimped them with the current gen versions. Did their focus get split or maybe this is what they think these games should be?

I'm hoping next year will be their launching point to get this franchise properly off the ground on this current generation of consoles. It would be really sad if WWE 2K13/14 were the only good recent wrestling games.

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Eh. I get your concern and it is a valid one but its his personal twitter and personality is a part of the site and that widget certainly falls in line with that personality attitude.

I do feel odd about someone advertising something like that on the front page. But he shouldn't be filtered out or change how he tweets imo. I don't think it's a major concern since so few people notice that or wouldn't realize it's his personal twitter and not something site produced.

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Hopefully this fixes it. Thankfully online coop works (though with some stuttering) and most everything else with the game is fine. Seems like a strange problem to suddenly happen and I wonder if some recent Xbox Live struggles (achievements not popping, limited services, ect.) have something to do with this or if this is just a 343 problem.

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I don't know if I'd call it an experiment.

But yes, I think Brad is doing a great job!