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Either way all of this hurt the Xbox and it's reflected in their sales. But to be mad over unmet promises or a change of direction in a unreleased product seems silly to me. As if Microsoft exists in a vacuum and is the only company making promises and mistakes.

Jim isn't mad over the change in direction. It's the change in direction without apology to its early adopters or the studios like Harmonix that were banking on things like Kinect being a mandatory part of the system. Microsoft portraying these changes in direction as a purely positive thing for all parties involved is a fallacy.

I can understand that for sure. But I guess his format makes him come across more like an angry nerd complaining Microsoft isn't perfect than a real critique of marketing and messaging. Someone does need to examine what Microsoft did and is doing but videos like this helps no one, imo, and only furthers to inflame fanboys.

I guess really what I don't understand is why he's so angry and why he choose to represent his opinion in such a poor fashion.

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Oh for sure!

When I was growing up my dad often let me hold and hand him tools but rarely actually try something myself. So when a small home repair (like a recently leaking shower head) comes up I take my time, look up the problem, and dive in to see if I can fix it.

Essentially learning something new or doing something new always makes me feel better. Slowly expanding my abilities and knowledge feels good.

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That is not what he is saying though, he is saying that they should at least admit that they have been lying about stuff like the kinect always having to be turned on and so on, instead of trying to pass it off like they are doing everyone a huge favour and "listening to the fans" or whatever.

I don't think it was a matter of lying but instead of changing direction. When they initially announced the Xbox One (at a marketing driven press conference) they announced what would be their vision going forward. After being terribly received they reworked everything, redid everything, and made it more for what people claimed they wanted.

As a business they can't admit that the product they still want to sell was terrible or broken because they're still trying to sell it. So any change, especially big ones, need to be marketed correctly otherwise potential customers will assume you're admitting the whole console is broken.

Either way all of this hurt the Xbox and it's reflected in their sales. But to be mad over unmet promises or a change of direction in a unreleased product seems silly to me. As if Microsoft exists in a vacuum and is the only company making promises and mistakes.

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It's handy that the QL went up today because I think Hidden in Plain Sight is a great example of how simple game design can be very entertaining and engrossing.

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I enjoy my Xbox One because of the entertainment it brings. I use it for WWE Network, Netflix, Blu-Ray, TV, and who knows what else. It's great to be able to quickly and easily bounce between a favorite TV show to a movie to a live pay-per-view. It isn't all great however, some of the controls (including but not limited to the Kinect) are wonky and the whole system feels slow and sluggish at times.

PS4 offers a lot of the same options but some of the layout, and controls, fun into the same problems the Xbox does and I feel I can't transition between option to option as easily as I can with the Xbox.

The PC is the more versatile option but in my case would require more investment to truly bring it up to par with the options I have with my consoles.

Personally I get the most use from the Xbox but could easily see how the other options could fill that void. So really I'd say make more of your choice based on games, especially upcoming ones, friends, and price. Also whatever you think feels and looks the best is important.

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@finaldasa: To tell you the truth, I have grown disappointed of many of Jim's videos because of that very thing. It is commendable to address anti-consumer practices and ask for changes, but most of the times his rants seems more interested in creating controversy for its own sake, and his savviness is more appropriate of some random forum commenter that a recognizable person in the medium with many years in his CV.

I've seen it happen a lot around gaming coverage, and it's been around awhile, the rise of angry video game coverage. Some of it can be entertaining but overall the "angry nerd yelling" has become so pervasive and rampant it almost becomes a bummer to try and enjoy video games. Worst of all I think this attitude, especially from someone like Sterling who is supposed to be a true journalist and reviewer as I understand it, spreads to those who watch these videos. They assume the video game industry is especially warped or corrupt. It's sad because we need more kids ready to enjoy, share, and eventually create their own games rather than assuming every company is out to screw them over in order to make an extra buck or two.

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Wow, Sterling comes across very angered over this.

His arguments are understandable but his reasoning for anger just seem childish. He seems to confuse marketing and reality, something that is somewhat forgivable for a fan or forum poster but imo not for a journalist.

Honestly this comes across as someone who doesn't understand that business' don't often come out admitting their mistakes but instead choose to move on and take up a different marketing strategy in hopes of improving their outlook.

Overall this is a disappointing video. To get so worked up and angry over a business making mistakes and to do it so focused on only Microsoft (Sony has it's share of mistakes and U-turns) seems short-sided.

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Fez for sure, which reminds me that I need to go back through that game and actually finish it.

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@excast: There's a difference between attacking and insulting someone and having a legitimate and quality complaint. Sometimes allowing everyone to have a say and being inclusive means the wrong kind of person will assume they have the option to say what they want, even if what they want is unacceptable by the forum rules. Jeff's statement essentially said this site isn't for those who would bully and/or attack others.

If someone has a real complaint and concern about GB then they should be encouraged to voice it. If someone just wants to belittle people and be a jerk, then they aren't welcome.

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For awhile I really enjoyed the Yogscast Minecraft videos. They were entertaining and showed off a good variety of texture packs and mods.

Eventually though their content wasn't varied enough to warrant continued watching. It was just more, never ending, story lines based in Minecraft. In light of recent events giving up on Yogscast may have been a good idea.