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It's a nice idea and I would definitely enjoy, and have enjoyed with the morning show and Patrick's daily streams, more time in the chat. Problem is moderating that chat. Rorie does a great job when he can get in the chat but having a mod around 24/7 is a tough task on occasion. Also I think it would present a server and bandwidth issue maybe?

Maybe for subscribers only there could be a chat for this occasion?

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Thanks again for the shirt! It helped make my PAX even more memorable, and other than some magic cards, it will be my souvenir from my first PAX!

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They only just came back from PAX and have several videos that need editing and posting, I'm sure it will go up as soon as possible.

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Great idea! Glad to see this happens more than once a year. Hopefully I can pop in and donate some.

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I met Max sometime on Friday while picking up the 90s pack. When I said "hi" and mentioned I was a fan he reached back and handed me oatmeal from a box. At the time I had only seen those ads around the convention and really thought he was handing me just oatmeal. I planned on eating it Sunday morning until someone finally let me in on the hidden card secret.

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@turboman: Anything in the Albatross theater I believe will be streamed, and thus probably archived.

At least I hope so because I won't have a chance to see everything.

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I don't know about the Ebay legitimacy when it comes to PAX passes but from what I can tell (I've never actually been to one yet) you'll want to show up a bit early to get a seat. If you want a good sit, up close, you'll want to show up 2 hours or so in advance. But there will be plenty of seats and showing up an hour or half an hour in should net you a seat.

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Rules change.

I want my button.

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I've always wanted to invest some time into WoW or Old Republic or Guild Wars but either my attention for those games wane or my desire to play them does.

I've never gotten past level 20 or so in any MMO.

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