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I think they should be combined. Relationships can change during the game or in sequels.

And though the wiki is already considered spoiler territory, having someone already in an 'enemy' or 'friend' category could spoil something at a glance.

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This is heartwarming and amazing, I can't wait for this game. Great job Brad :D

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This is considered Youtube spam and we don't allow that on our forums. Usually, to be sure what is and isn't spam, add some paragraphs of discussion to the post rather than just the video.

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The 1992 LA riots were very different by the way. The Rodney King case went to trial and the officers who beat King were acquitted from any wrongdoing. The case seemed like an open and shut case to most thanks to the now infamous video footage of the beating. So when the officers were getting off with no punishment the community were angered and decided to riot. The riots in such a large city quickly expanded and soon people were taking advantage of the situation to riot themselves.

Ferguson isn't LA and the situations are very different.

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@milkman: I've certainly seen a lot of the "on the ground" stuff but I'm still apprehensive about Youtube and Twitter reports. There's already been misinformation spread around and treated as actual facts. I guess I'd rather have a lot of reporters, a lot more video, and a lot more first hand accounts and interviews rather than a Twitter feed.

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A big problem comes from a lack of communication and public relations. The cops come off as heavy handed and over-reactive but if they are reacting to violence with force why not come out and say so? Describe what's happening, explain why the press have limited access, explain why air space has been limited and restricted. Otherwise it all builds a case against the police.

We don't have all the answers about the situation in Ferguson. The police say there are riots, the residents claim only protests. A press on the ground would easily answer that question. When they are more questions going unfulfilled usually those preventing that tend to carry some fault.

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Oh man this makes me wanna go. I'll have to aim for PAX East if I can.

I'll add that any panel you plan on doing, especially the GB panel, will require a bit of waiting especially if you want a decent seat. Don't be shocked if you show up only to find a very long line of people already waiting to get in.

Also, sleep. No really, sleep. On the final day of PAX East I was pretty exhausted. Even with an energy drink in hand I found myself nodding off during a panel. Luckily I caught up on sleep on my flights home but try and find a way to get some sleep in when you can.

Other than that this guide got me through my first PAX pretty easily!

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@corruptedevil: Maybe it just felt like more cause as a kid I was willing to buy whatever was on the shelf rather than waiting for reviews.

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Eh, no one. I came out feeling better I bought both consoles but wishing it wasn't taking nearly a year to get a good catalog of games for it.

But really the game that stood out was Cardboard Box Simulator 2015 Metal Gear Solid 5. I have the collection collecting dust but I may have to burn through it before that game comes out.

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