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In the future please don't post links like this. It provides no discussion and I bet there isn't much discussion happening in a Twitch chat.

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I was only able to grab a handful of videos and none of the podcast, I'm glad someone did.

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@dudeglove: That's sad. Even passive moderation, or a better flagging system, would work so much better. There's the expense of moderation and then there's the excuse of expense so you can do absolutely nothing.

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I'd like to at some point the internet can mature and grow up. Perhaps a younger generation will shun the general anger and disdain that surfaces.

It would really help is major websites (Amazon, Twitter, Facebook) more actively cared about moderation. Even on a small scale. Companies should include moderation in their business designs because people enjoy open and safe communities better than vile and disgusting ones.

I also know quite a few friends who don't engage with any online communities to specifically avoid the things that happen on most sites.

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How long before 1 TB is too small? 2 years?

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"All the psychologists".


Most studies into video games and aggressive/violent thoughts have revealed that video games do increase those thoughts among players. To my knowledge there isn't a link between video games and actual real life violence. Source.

However most studies and analysis since usually agrees that violent thoughts cannot be directly linked to video games. They differ in style, they aren't the only source violence in culture, and youth violence has been going down almost year after year.

So OP's statement is essentially true. Video games are linked to aggressive thoughts but that's painting a large medium with a large brush.

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My first dorm suite was shared with 7 other guys. That's 2 people per bedroom, 4 per desk/common area, and 8 sharing two showers/toilets. Being 18 at the time most of the dirt and filth barely bothered me. Being almost a decade out now I don't know how that place didn't cause one of us to become ill in a serious way.

For a short while I didn't have a room. While living with my dad the summer before college he created a 4th wall for my room with a desk. Needless to say I was pretty miffed but thankfully that only lasted a few months.

And finally there was a home I rented with some friends. The place was a little older, had seen plenty of renovation, and should have been more of a cheap, transitional place to live. The A/C would usually give out twice in the summer, we almost always had roaches, the backyard was a complete mess, and the outside of the house almost looked abandoned. Cheap rent will make you live almost anywhere it turns out.

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I imagine if Guitar Hero does really well for them there's a chance you could see DJ hero come back. Let's just wait and see if Guitar Hero and Rock Band can both find success before we start reviving other, less successful, music games.