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I JUST changed it. They usually last a year or two before I find something worthy of changing it to.

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@finaldasa I simultaneously laughed and cried at "Eric Bana looks for traces of his career." I love that guy and I want him to do cool shit again.

Yeah, that one hurt to put but the truth is painful sometimes. I actually liked Ang Lee's Hulk film and if you've never seen his documentary it's on Netflix and is really good. He just seems like a regular guy who happens to be an actor.

It's 2014 and media is still using the "10% of your brain" bullshit. I'd be fine with Lucy if not for that.

I think that's a good portion of why I'm apathetic towards that movie. Can't you leave that out and just say it gives you powers or alters genetics? Even Limitless kind of had that premise but only used it as a way to tell an interesting science fiction story. Hopefully that's all Lucy is using it for too.

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I watched a roommate play it for hours through a lot of the dungeons before picking up the Wii mote after he was done and just couldn't get into it.

The overly long tutorials just were too much of a slog to get through. What I did see seemed interesting but the Wii mote gimmick was already spoiled for me so doing the motions myself so those experiences were already watered down.

Overall, for me, it wasn't the Zelda experience I enjoyed as a kid and married with just super slow tutorials was a death sentence in my book.

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@daiphyer: Maybe? That sounds about right. I know a handful of duders read or mentioned reading it. I follow them on twitter and parse out any headlines or articles that sound interesting. And both Deadline and AV Club mostly don't report on more celebrity and gossip news. So you avoid the Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber articles for the most part.

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Every mustard job has a mustard tool.

For chicken strips a honey mustard is needed. For a nicer sandwich a spicy or fancy mustard. For a hot dog or simple sandwich a yellow mustard is needed. And then sausages have their own unique mustard needs.

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@finaldasa: What sites/sources do you use for your movie news? (Preferably something that works well on mobile or has an app) After Screened I decided to check out a few other sites, but they were WAY too clusterfucks of websites for me to bear.

Deadline is what I used for a lot of industry news. They mainly just report instead of analyze but they do seemingly report on everything.

The AV Club is great for a mix of everything. Long form articles and news, serious and funny, and they cover books and games as well.

The other sites I used were only for specific purposes like movie posters or Netflix information. Deadline had a decent mobile site but I don't know if either have good apps or not. I tried to avoid doing too much stuff on mobile just cause it was easier via PC.

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It is honestly depressing how behind I've gotten on movie news since Screened went down...anyways...

It's part of the reason I decided to do these, at least for the summer movie season, to keep up with what is coming out and when. I still really like movies and TV (god TV is a clusterfuck to try and keep up with in any meaningful way) so I might as well keep up with the big stuff.

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PS4 probably, because I have friends who want the game too and their going to play it on PS4. Might as well play it with my friends.

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The Apes movie is getting some really good buzz, though like many films of its ilk as of late, it seems it's taking the ultra-serious route. Lucy has sleeper hit potential. As for Hercules, the only name you need to know is Brett Ratner. The Rock has some serious action hero potential, particularly with his comic chops, but this is not the vehicle to do it with.


Brett Ratner directing AND producing? No thank you. I guess a part of me was really hoping he would never do anything in movies again and just live off of telling his Olivia Munn stories at Hollywood parties no one invited him to.

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@bobafettjm: Haha fantastic! It's finding pages like that which make wikis so awesome. Anyone could do Halo, but only a truly crazy person could do a Gameboy Color Arthur game. :D