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I think people are now growing up with video games and are expecting video games to mature with them.

It has very little about women coming in as players but more than players are looking for different experiences. No one wants to keep playing the games they played when they were 12.

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Notch's leaving says so much about the internet and what that level of harassment, yes even positive harassment, can do to someone.

Notch's twitter was turned from a personal twitter feed to a place where some people could be validated in their opinions. Notch hates Microsoft? SO DO I!

In reality he's a person. With changing emotions, opinions, and a prone to mistakes and foibles like everyone else. Yet in this strange internet world he was never left alone or left to be himself. Even now people are angry at him for "selling out".

I guess the internet is really good at not understanding or investigating the root cause of something and then getting very emotional about it.

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Neither new console, except maybe the WiiU, has a lot of games out for it right now. Maybe check out some of the earlier titles that may be cheaper now and see if any of them are something you'd like to play.

Give it time, especially after 2015, and we'll be swimming in games. Literally. Swimming. Like a pool!

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@believer258: They're similar in theme. Very science fiction and much less varied than other studios. Again I don't think they're just alike but the themes across the board are close.

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It depends on the genre. A fast paced FPS might not be acceptable on a phone or mobile device but there are plenty of good games out for Android.

For instance Doombad is an interesting and challenging tower defense game. Since you only need to tap and keep up with creeps there isn't any twitch reaction required and that serves the design pretty well.

So for sure games can do well on mobile that maybe even consoles can't do.

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It is sometimes easier to experiment with smaller titles than the big ones. Destiny hopefully isn't the only thing Bungie will work on for the next 10 years and they'll have a chance to establish themselves as something bigger than a couple of IPs.

Though Bungie has always done the space shooter. Oni was their best known title before Halo.

I'm hoping they'll get a chance to spread their wings some as a studio and not be saddled with one franchise. Then again if the one franchise does well for them I wouldn't look at it as a failure or bad thing.

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Destiny will certainly be up there, especially if their updates and DLC doesn't help, but I don't know if that will win. I think Watch Dogs inability, even with a delay, to stand out against older games like GTA 4 will have a 'better' chance.

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I remember in Jr. High, grades 6-8, we had to take a half a semester worth of typing. The proper way of typing was fine for those who didn't know how to type but my 'advance hunting and pecking' was much faster. So now I have some weird hybrid of typing.

Really the best way to learn for me was to catch onto some of the basic ideas but eventually learn the relative positions of all the letters and go from there. Repetition of always IMing, bloging, writing papers, and writing articles has left me with a memorization of the keyboard and now I can just do so without looking or hunting.

So really the key is to just keep trying and practicing. Talk to people online and don't give up. And nothing is really needed instantly so if you're on IM or emailing always take your time before sending something off misspelled.

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@etpc said:

~*reviews are subjective not objective*~


Every review is someone's opinion. If someone you just met told you they didn't think Destiny was great, just good or average, would you get that upset or riled up?

For me, I had high hopes in Destiny. They represented the game as a loot driven, story heavy, immersive first person shooter. The final product was very different.

If you're enjoying the game, then enjoy it. Who cares what other people think?

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I think the better argument is Dark Souls proves westerners don't understand Monster Hunter.

Just based on mechanics alone Destiny doesn't share the frustration a player used to twitch based gameplay could feel in a animation heavy game.

Destiny reviews only prove that a lot of reviewers think Destiny is average. It's hovering around 75 on Metacritic which isn't a bad game, just an average one.

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