Best of 2013

This year left me pulled into two different directions. I found myself both hating this year and loving every moment. On one hand we all loss the wonderful Ryan Davis, a loss that hit me harder than I thought the loss of someone I had never met could. On the other hand I found myself working and doing something I enjoy and that could really open a world of opportunities for me.

Thankfully video games were around for me to lose myself in. Whether it was after a long day and hoping to forget the world around me to as a fun adventure with friends. Here's hoping 2014 will be even better.

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I feel like they kept releasing new Pokemon games too close too each other. That was bad English. I meant to say it felt like there wasn't enough time or rest between Black/ White and X/Y. It's quantity over quality. With Zelda games, I only do console ones. They take their time and make a game that's pretty distinguishable and different from its predecessors.

I haven't play any new games this year, I think. I only mentioned Pokemon Y because I bought it as a birthday gift for my little sister. I usually hear her and the Church kids' pokemon stories.

Oh wait, I played Pikmin 3 and that new Mario Cat game. Though, both of them are pretty short.

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@takashichea: I took a break between Black, Black 2, and X/Y. I knew Black 2 wouldn't be what I wanted and hearing X/Y were different enough, and had almost every pokemon, had me intrigued enough to buy it.