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Thanks everyone! Just purchased 8gb of ram and a 500gb SSHD drive. Hopefully that should speed things up.

Appreciate the input.


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Hi! So I want to make this macbook faster. I was thinking of upgrading the ram from 2gb to 8gb, or upgrading to an SSD, or both. My question is, with a 2.26ghx intel duo core processor, do you think this will be worth it? Will I notice a huge improvement? Or should I save my money?

I use the laptop mainly for photoediting and web browsing and playing music... all at the same time. I want to be able to do that without the constant slow-down I'm experiencing. I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to achieve this, apart from buying a new machine. I don't want to do that.

Thanks for any help and advice.


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My code is 0920 0594 1741. Please add me!

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@savepoint: Oh man, thanks so much. I actually deleted the 1.05 patch (there were two for some reason) and my profile and that seems to have fixed everything. I might come into some bugs later because I don't have the patch but then I'll just re-install it and everything should be back to normal. Thanks again for your help guys!

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Yeah, the disc is spotless- I'll have a thorough clean of it in the morning. I'm on a PS3 slim, too, if that means anything to anybody. I actually checked to see how much a digital copy of TLOU costs on the PS store- that's how much I want to finish it. I'm so close and then this happens! Unbelievable.

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So I'm at the highway/bus depot part. Approx 90% through the campaign. Suddenly the game doesn't load Ellie's audio anymore. There's a part where she's being quiet and I'll press triangle to talk to her but nothing will happen, then I'll go to get the ladder to climb out of the depot, the part where Ellie ignores Joel when he goes to boost her up. And neither characters' audio will load, and then the sound just doesn't load at all- often at this part the disc stops spinning in the drive too. After that, right before you see the giraffes, the whole level just glitches out and none of the buildings load in or anything and the game is completely unplayable. It happens whenever I load any game around there. Trying to save the game around here crashes the game, and if I struggle through this area I eventually get to a cut-scene which is a black screen. Skipping this movie causes the game to crash. I've tried loading the chapter too and the same thing happens. I've loaded it in many different ways and nothing seems to help. Is it possible that the save is corrupted? I've looked at the blu-ray disc (supposedly scratch resistant?) and there's a tiny innocuous scratch on the outer edge of the disc, otherwise it's in pristine condition. I can't understand what else it could be.

Please help a fellow duder trying to enjoy this great game.

Thanks in advance!

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Young Dawn French. Total hottie.




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Vinny's "thank you, Ryan"

Oh man. Destroyed me.

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Only way to do it.

I woke up this morning to this heartbreaking news. It's now 2:28am, and I'm rounding off today with a toast to one of my favourite entertainers. We are all so lucky to have Giant Bomb, and to have had a man like Ryan Davis such an integral part of it. Rest in peace, big man.

Fuck; Ryan Davis.