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So we had a bit of a debate in work when someone tweeted this list of games:

Top grossing MMOs

  1. LOL
  2. Crossfire
  3. Dungeon Fighter
  4. WOW
  5. WOTanks
  6. Maplestory
  7. Lineage
  8. CS Online
  9. DOTA2
  10. Heartstone

While these definitely all have large user bases and are multiplayer games, do they fall under the "MMO" title?

If someone told me to sit down and play their MMO I have a pretty good idea formed in my head as to what an MMO is, something like Final Fantasty 11/14, World of Warcraft, EVE Online etc.

I wouldn't consider League of Legends to be an MMO and I certainly wouldn't include Hearthstone on that list.

What are your thoughts?

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Keep in mind that if Mario simply touches any of those goombas or turtles from the side, he literally dies. You'd be stomping on that shit too!

Just like spiders!

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We should all take a minute and just imagine what Ryan's reaction to some of the amazing things that come out of Dan's mouth. Considering how minor the executable thing was I don't think Ryan would have a voice left from all the yelling...

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They think the game looks great but wished the game would take itself seriously, like the the previous entries... wat?

To which I presented them the following:

But apparently to them, the cardboard box is just too much.

Anyways, what's everyone's favourite weird MGS moments?

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Was sitting at a wedding when I heard the news, will never forget. He was a true el duderino.

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@dussck: Oh I like that Idea, different levels! "8 hour plane ride", "3 hour bus ride" etc. Would be easy to do!

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So yeah, someone released their Gameboy Emulator for Unity this morning, it used a a Render to Texture so I tried it with the Oculus Rift and the results were amazing!

I did not code the emulator at all, I simply threw some 3D models into a scene and make it look nice!

You can get takohi's gameboy emulator here:

The project you see in the video you can get from my github page: (Requires Unity Pro)

You need to provide your own roms etc

If people want to use my scene and models to build a version out that allows them to import their own roms, by all means do! This would remove the Unity Pro requirement.

Here's a build with no licensed roms, but there's a public domain rom called bpong in there. So you can get an idea if you don't have Unity Pro

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@zirilius: Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands had a baby

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I guess the shit talking about this game on the podcast reminded someone over at Epic to do some work on it.

You can sign up for the Alpha here: