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We should all take a minute and just imagine what Ryan's reaction to some of the amazing things that come out of Dan's mouth. Considering how minor the executable thing was I don't think Ryan would have a voice left from all the yelling...

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They think the game looks great but wished the game would take itself seriously, like the the previous entries... wat?

To which I presented them the following:

But apparently to them, the cardboard box is just too much.

Anyways, what's everyone's favourite weird MGS moments?

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Was sitting at a wedding when I heard the news, will never forget. He was a true el duderino.

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@dussck: Oh I like that Idea, different levels! "8 hour plane ride", "3 hour bus ride" etc. Would be easy to do!

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So yeah, someone released their Gameboy Emulator for Unity this morning, it used a a Render to Texture so I tried it with the Oculus Rift and the results were amazing!

I did not code the emulator at all, I simply threw some 3D models into a scene and make it look nice!

You can get takohi's gameboy emulator here:

The project you see in the video you can get from my github page: (Requires Unity Pro)

You need to provide your own roms etc

If people want to use my scene and models to build a version out that allows them to import their own roms, by all means do! This would remove the Unity Pro requirement.

Here's a build with no licensed roms, but there's a public domain rom called bpong in there. So you can get an idea if you don't have Unity Pro

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@zirilius: Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands had a baby

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I guess the shit talking about this game on the podcast reminded someone over at Epic to do some work on it.

You can sign up for the Alpha here:

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You are kind of asking to be handed all the knowledge needed to do this except for the game playing part... I'll help but I can guarantee you that all those you mentioned learned to do it from a google search.

First, you should really learn to google for answers when you are working with something technical, which streaming very much is. I can show you how to record but you'll need to figure out and learn for yourself what everything does and how to fix / change it if you need to. So start by downloading Open Broadcasting Software. It's free, it's what I use and it works. When it's installed open the settings, click "Encoding" and make it look like this:

Then click "Broadcast Settings" and click Browse, select where you want your files to be saved:

I play my games at 1080p and I have OBS record them at a downsampled 720p. This means the games will run better as the computer is not trying to run a beast of a game while trying to capture and encode 2,073,600 pixels 30 - 60 times a second. To do this make your "Video" settings like this:

To record Audio make sure your headphones are the default audio device on your system and select your headset microphone as OBS's Microphone of choice. Not using a headset will make your video sound like shit. The settings in OBS should look something like this:

Click OK and save your settings. We are done fiddling around with the settings in OBS, now to work on our video composition!

In the main OBS screen there are two white boxes: Scenes and Source. First we'll get your game in there. I find it best to have the game running first, alt tab out and set it up. To add the game to the view, right click in Sources and select "Game Capture". Select the Application from the dropdown box or setup a hotkey, something not used by games. The hotkey will auto pick the window based on whats in focus, so you hit that when in the game, but I prefer to be 100 sure, so I use the dropdown list. Click ok, then "Preview Stream" if your game is running you should see it in the preview screen. Some older games wont do anything if they are minimised but if you alt tab in and back out it should update.

Next we are going to add our webcam. Right click in Sources and add "Video Capture Device", select your webcam. Click "Preview Stream" and you should see yourself on top of your game! Newer webcams are quite high resolution so now we are going to make it smaller. While still previewing the feed, click "Edit Scene" and make sure your "Video Capture Device" is highlighted. In the preview you should see a red box around your webcam video, click and drag the corners to scale the video and click and drag in the reb box to move it around. Some webcams also record in widescreen, you don't need that as it takes up valuable game space. To fix this right click "Video Capture Device" and click "Properties" check the "Custom Resolution" box and select a resolution like 640x480, which is 4:3 and will take up less space but still hold the same amount of you.

If you click preview you should have something that looks like this:

In sources you'll see that Video Capture Device is above Game Capture, this means that Game Capture will show behind the Video Capture. Set the microhpone to nearly full (depending on loudness) and the game to like 25 - 30% volume so people can actually hear you over it. When you want to record, click Start Streaming... AND YOU'RE LIVE!

When you click stop, it might take a second. You can then take your video into Windows Movie Maker or some other video editing software (I use Premier but I won't be going into how to use that) make your edit, save it out and upload to Youtube and make the $$$.

To see my results with these settings, here is my unedited gameplay of Battlestar Diaspora: Here's the Twitch version which shows pretty much what your results will be and here's the Youtube version, which got butchered by youtubes reencoder.

Best of luck!

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I saw the trailer for this a few days ago and as a big fan of Cartoon Network shows way back when I immediately bought it. First thing I did was make sure it was set to the classic graphics and jumped right in, not knowing what to expect. Two hours later I finished the game.

I enjoyed the time I had with it, I played it on Normal mode, should have stuck it on Hardcore. The game felt a little slow at first, granted you start off walking, something you never do again after 3 minutes(ish). But I still felt the flying was a little sluggish... and then I didn't I don't know what changed. After a bit you get the ability to dash and it stops feeling like a chore and starts being fun.

The thing I was most surprised by was the bullet hell aspect, some situations get pretty hairy but the controls never let me down. They did a good job giving the player the ability to deflect objects, but it never served a purpose and bashing things won every time.

All things considered, I'd say I got my monies worth, but it will probably go on sale for 2 - 3 $/€.

If you want a look, I streamed it thinking I'd just do a "quick look" type thing, as I have been just playing through bits of random games lately. Here's the vids:

Network dropped halfway through, hence the two parter!