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I wonder if they'll buff Thorn. Not that I'm close to finishing that bounty though. 500 void damage kills in PvP? Fuck that noise.

That's not the hard part, and it's not 500 kills, it's 500 points. Took me about 5 control games to do.

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@lawgamer said:

@mariachimacabre: calculating injury time is actually quite simple. It's determined by a D6 role made by the DM, errr, I mean the fourth official.

It's actually the referee who determines how much time is added and signals to the fourth official.

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It's not the misty ghost thing that reduces durability it's actually the corpses. I tried this and attacking dead enemies reduce the durability by a lot, it's not just the moment it dies you can come back a couple of minutes later and if the corpse is still there it will still reduce the durability.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Link to the article.

Kadokawa is a manga publishing company, only recently got into the videogame business. They've published Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead so far, so at least they won't meddle in From's development. Hopefully.

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$117 million

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I agree, I had a similar build. It was very frustrating getting through that area, the boss on the other hand was a piece of cake.

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There's a ring that slows down the degradation of weapons, I'm using dual katanas with 40 durability and can go through a whole area without even getting to half the durability.

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@trafalgarlaw: From what I've seen from my time with the game so far is that if destroy any chest the item inside will turn to rubbish.


You know, I can barely accept a waist-high chest is needed to store a small ring...but insta-rubbish? Someone needs to be FIRED.

It takes 3 hits to break the chest, one is enough to determine if the chest is a mimic, why did you decide to break them instead of just opening it?

I want to add that enemies can break chests too if they hit them so watch out.

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@mb: I must've missed it, I went a different way than you I haven't fought The Persuer but did beat another boss.