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@mariachimacabre: calculating injury time is actually quite simple. It's determined by a D6 role made by the DM, errr, I mean the fourth official.

It's actually the referee who determines how much time is added and signals to the fourth official.

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It's not the misty ghost thing that reduces durability it's actually the corpses. I tried this and attacking dead enemies reduce the durability by a lot, it's not just the moment it dies you can come back a couple of minutes later and if the corpse is still there it will still reduce the durability.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Link to the article.

Kadokawa is a manga publishing company, only recently got into the videogame business. They've published Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead so far, so at least they won't meddle in From's development. Hopefully.

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$117 million

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I agree, I had a similar build. It was very frustrating getting through that area, the boss on the other hand was a piece of cake.

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There's a ring that slows down the degradation of weapons, I'm using dual katanas with 40 durability and can go through a whole area without even getting to half the durability.

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@trafalgarlaw: From what I've seen from my time with the game so far is that if destroy any chest the item inside will turn to rubbish.


You know, I can barely accept a waist-high chest is needed to store a small ring...but insta-rubbish? Someone needs to be FIRED.

It takes 3 hits to break the chest, one is enough to determine if the chest is a mimic, why did you decide to break them instead of just opening it?

I want to add that enemies can break chests too if they hit them so watch out.

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@mb: I must've missed it, I went a different way than you I haven't fought The Persuer but did beat another boss.

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@mb: A health regen ring?? Where was it? Melentia is the level up lady? I'm playing a swordsman class dual wielding and that ring would be really helpful. Btw which boss where you fighting? iirc I found the cling ring after the first boss.