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Just reading this thread makes me want to dig up my PS3 to play this game again, I wish that they'd release this for PC.

All the vocations were really fun and well fleshed out, I think I played the most as an assassin just for the speed buff, it made traversing the world less tedious, also climbing monsters is fun. I also really liked the sorcerer vocation just for the ability to rain down meteors and whip up tornadoes.

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I lost 25K and 46K due to a bug that removed my blood stain. Legitimately, I lost 22K because I was killed by the guy with the sack that takes you to a prison so I never got the chance to retrieve them.

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Apparently there's a weird frame rendering glitch that make it seem like it's stuttering, they're working on a patch to fix that and possibly improve load times.


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How are the load times for you after death and if traveling to a new area (I have no idea how fast travel works/if its in the fame from the get go)?

I don't have exact numbers but lets say they are noticeable.

awesome. I'd like to know what someone thinks who played Demon's Souls though

It's a mix of Demon's and Dark Souls.

The framerate issue sounds pretty substantial to me because this game is indeed faster paced right?

@random45: Same but not holding my breath.

I think it's as fast as 0 weight DS1 maybe slightly faster. I don't think that framerate would affect the gameplay that much, I didn't have any problems with it so far.

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@soulcake: There's a stat called Insight, the ingame description says "The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge. Needed to ring special bell, but induces frenzy." I got a summoning bell that you ring to summon people, to be summoned you have to use a different type of bell. The game is offline now and the servers will be turned on release day.

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I've put around 3 hours into the game and it is fantastic. The only negative so far is the framerate, it drops to around 25 fps sometimes, reminds me of DS1 but nothing like Blighttown. There are also some very minor graphical glitches that I noticed.

Aesthetically the game looks amazing, I don't want to give too much away but I've been playing in the area that's been in all the early trailers and it's the same area that was in the alpha.

So the gameplay, it's great, reminds me of DS1 where my favorite build was dual katanas and just relying on parries and dodges. There are basically 3 attack buttons R1 and R2 for light and heavy attack on your main hand weapon, L2 is for your offhand weapon and L1 is for changing modes on your main weapon. So at the start you get a choice of 3 weapons and 2 guns, I went with the weapons that are on the cover, the sword and blunderbuss. There's no weight management as far as I can tell and there's no poise stat as well.

You can't just backstab in this game you have to stagger your enemy and there are couple of ways that I know of, one way is to parry using your gun during the attack wind up of the enemies this will get them to their knees and you'll have a short window to attack, the second is using a charged attack, hold R2, to stagger an enemy from behind and then attack. The charge attack has a long windup, so you can't simply circle strafe and just go for backstabs.

I only reached the first boss, the one that's in the early trailers and also the one in the alpha, the boss has a lot of health and his attacks take 25-60% of hp in one hit. Reminds me of the fight against Manus, I died twice against him and I had to stop for the day, unfortunately.

Dark Souls 1 is one of my favorite games of all time, and this has the potential to be on par if not better than that. In classic souls fashion I've found somethings that I have no idea what they are/do and can't wait to find out.

Pro tip: If you are carrying the max amount of an item and you find any more of that item, it will be sent to your storage box automatically.

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Well the campaign ends on April 1st so it could be just a joke.

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The chalice dungeon is an optional area and it's supposedly huge spanning the whole underground of the city. You can also share your dungeon with other people.

Less than 2 months till the game is out, can't wait.

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The Asian Cup ended yesterday with the hosts Australia winning it 2-1 in extra time against S. Korea. In the third place match UAE won 3-2 against Iraq.

  1. Australia
  2. South Korea
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Iraq

As for the individual awards:

  • Ali Mabkhout (UAE) won the Golden Boot award with 5 goals.
  • Mathew Ryan (Australia) won the Golden Glove award conceding 3 goals.
  • Massimo Loungo (Australia) won the Player of the Tournament award.
  • The Fair Play award went to Australia.

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Lampard is still going to NYCFC in the summer.

Yeah the FA cup was crazy this round and that's why I like this competition.