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I would pick all 5 Battle Themes from Bowser's Inside Story and my favorite 2 are: Bowser's Battle Theme & the Final Boss Theme!

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Kazumi Totaka is one of my favorites because he plays Yoshi in various games. Another voice actor I like is Kenny James because Bowser is voiced by him in 4 Mario games. Last, but not least is Charles Martinet because his signature "Here we go!" from Super Mario 64 is legendary!
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I would say Jin because he's a great fighter in his first appearance and that's why I like Jin!

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I like this new change and it is awesome!

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Bowser, the King of Koopas! 
Bowser is a great Koopa King and with his trademark fire breath attack and his incredible strength, nothing can stop him! So I pick Bipedal Koopas!
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A cameo in Superstar Saga? OK by me!