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A teamwork-centric alternative. 0

This is a bit of an odd review to be writing. Not only because America’s Army 3.0 has been out for over two years at this point, but also because I’ve only seen and experienced a small slice of an admittedly small pie. Of my roughly 12.5 hours with the game, nearly every single one of those hours has been spent on one map. Indeed, this review is essentially based on my experience with that singular map. However, I ask that you hear me out anyway. Backing up for a second, America’s Army 3.0 is a ...

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Give it a chance 0

 A once great franchise, Medal of Honor has been stumbling and slowly (or not so slowly) bleeding out since being hit by the Call of Duty bullet back in 2003. However, with the assistance of Danger Close and DICE, this series has finally staggered back to its feet – for the most part.  Like most games, Medal of Honor needs to be looked at in two parts, the singleplayer and the multiplayer. However, this division is more pronounced than usual due to the fact that each part of the game was handle...

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Understand it and enjoy it 0

In order to fully enjoy Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, you have to go into it with the right mindset, knowing what it is, and what it isn’t. What it is is a great military simulation game that will make you think and strategize to overcome it, and that if you have the patience, will reward you for it. What it is not is the next big online, high-intensity, over-the-top first person shooter. And, if that’s OK with you, you will surely find something to enjoy in Dragon Rising.    The island...

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A wonderful escape into a world of color, music, and simple charm 0

Eternal Sonata, from Japanese developer tri-Crescendo, is a game that offers you a world of fantasy, wonder, and undeniable charm. Having mostly played only western RPGs, a JRPG like this was bit of a change and new experience for me, and one that I must say I enjoyed quite a bit. The first thing that you’ll notice when you boot up the game is of course the visuals. This is easily one of the most beautiful games that I have ever played, and the colorful vibrant world will immediately charm you....

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