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I cannot....cannot believe this is real. Ryan has made such a huge impact on my life the last few years and even back at Gamespot it feels like I've lost a family member. I'm just in absolute shock....

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LOVE this game, hope whatever expansion gets made comes to PC though, unless i'm not understanding what this new thing is.

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"...expansion that wasn't technically possible in Flash" does that mean no pc love?

No it'll be on PC. They announced this back in August, dunno why Patrick is only just writing about it.

Well that answers my question then! Bring on the new stuff :D

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@ashenozzie: You'd certainly think so. It's disheartening to see.

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There has to be SOME barrier to entry. Valve is great for thinking the community can moderate itself, but the unfortunate truth is that it almost never can, especially in as big an environment as Steam. $100 does not sound like too much, especially if you're in the business of trying to make a successful game.

Honestly, if anyone plays TF2 regularly, you'd know that Valve released a $100 item in the shop that trolls consistently buy just because it relays a (often annoying) message to anyone playing TF2. $100 will help keep most trolls off of the service, but it won't stop dedicated ones, and it may hurt some indie devs.

There probably is no perfect answer for the necessary barrier but at least this is an attempt, and they didn't just leave the service go to crap.

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I had a Nintendo Power sub for years. Sad to see them go. I loved the free codes, used the Animal Crossing ones back in the day.

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The massive cost required to issue a patch for games on xbox live is ridiculous when there are companies like Valve letting developers patch their games for free via Steam.

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Really hoping Saints Row wins this first community spotlight thing, been waiting for a great sale on that game since last year.

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It's definitely interesting.