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Origins has the best story of the three, though. The characterizations and character designs are better, and Batman is Batman. He's not on a constant fetch quest, but is actually going out there and doing detective work. I found myself appreciating the story alot more than I did in the first two games.

That being said, the technical flaws and glitches and game breaking bugs people have encountered are far too glaring to simply ignore. I feel like had the game been much tighter and polished people would have been far more receptive. Hell, even the multiplayer (which was actually kind of fun) was horribly broken and a chore to partake in.

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Part of me wants to say yes. But, no one on the Giant Bomb crew actually enjoys or likes stealth. Even Dan hates stealth, he's said he hates Splinter Cell and likes Metal Gear Solid because of the the story.

So...watching them play through a stealth game, and probably play it badly, might wind up being too frustrating to watch.

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Yeah, kinda hard to get angry about it when, apparently, the artist making the claim has done the same thing with the same artwork.

It's kinda weird, actually.

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Say what you will about Polygon, but I would accept Justin McElroy (and if we had take his brother as part of the deal, then yeah, him too) in a fucking heartbeat here at Giantbomb. We'd finally have our very own Sherlock Holmes editorial expert! We've been needing one of those ever since Justin told his first Sherlock Holmes game story.

And I like Arthur. I get why people don't, but I still like him.

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Dang that looks like a pretty rushed illustration. I'm really hopeful they're more careful with this one, white saviour/colonialist attitudes and all. That said, this image doesn't bode too well.

That illustration seems like it's purposely leaning into that. It seems so blatant to me, that I think they're aware. They'd have to be after Far Cry 3, right? So, hopefully it'll be something that gets touched on thematically in 4.

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Batman and Robin.

You know, an actually bad movie.

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And they broke Datsu Nugu.


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Well, just bought Sam and Max, Braid, and Tokyo Jungle.

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I'll play MLB The Show on PS4, instead. Though, I feel for people who only own a 360. This is pretty much their only Baseball fix for this season.

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Chelsea Handler could be interesting. And, perhaps, a risky move.

It's a major channel network, I think they'll side on making a very safe bet. Just doesn't seem like these things are hardwired for making maverick moves. But, no doubt it'd be interesting to see Handler get the gig.