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I'm saddened.

But, hey...I trust CDPR, and if they need more time...then take more time. If it avoids the entire Assassins Creed Unity debacle...then keep working on it.

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Or the fact that a site like Giantbomb won't carry the kind of leverage a major website might need to, to lead by example. Ubisoft is a really big company, now.

I think shedding light on it is probably the only actual recourse at this point.

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You know, that Monica Lewinsky video is kind of amazing. When you think about it, in alot of ways she's right about being patient zero. The amount of crap laid out on her all these years, while Bill Clinton pretty much moonwalked his way back into America's hearts seems unfair. I mean, hey...I'm as much on the "let's move on from what he did" camp as anyone else, but I'd say the same for her too. She was what, 22 or 24 years old when it all went down? When you're in your twenties, that's pretty much the age range where people do make mistakes. To make one that haunts you for the rest of your life, when it wasn't like she murdered someone, just saddens me.

I mean, to have yourself, and your entire family threatened with jail time because you have entire political party tearing you, having to deal with that at age 24, probably would have killed me somehow.

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I think it's also worth remembering that the death scene at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy played a major role in the movie. Not only at the end, but throughout the movie. The mixtape we hear throughout the movie, at times has an emotional resonance and means something because we know it's connection to Peter. The moment where we see how Peter would even put his life on the line for that mixtape was important. I just don't believe that the importance would be as significant as it was if we didn't see those final moments Peter had with her. You take that scene out, or even the context of it if you want say that it plays into the "death of a parent" trope and therefore just remove the detail about Peter's loss...I think you'd lose way too much of what makes that movie good.

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That article by William Hughes was certainly something. It was an interesting, and very sad, read. I think he's writing that article, and purposefully so, so close to the tragedy he had happen in his life, that I think it's clear to see that this one of his ways of dealing with it. I can see where he's coming from, but I think the leaps he makes in the article are all driven by what he's had to endure. I understand how personal loss can change your point of view on things, but I think it's a bridge too far to take things personally when a story gets the emotional response that it's going for.

Storytelling is all about manipulation. If it scares you, makes you cry, makes your laugh, etc. then it's probably doing it's job. If they get you to care, even if for just an hour or two, about these fictional characters, or even just these actors you know are playing pretend, that you know don't exist, that's manipulation.

Different stories try to hit different marks depending on the themes or messages they're trying to communicate. Storytellers try to convey all this and make you care about what your experiencing. And if there's no emotional response that they're trying to reach for, then what are you left with? I think about 'The Last of Us' and how that opening was so tragically sad. But, it set the table for a major theme that was important at the end.

He's clearly going through a horribly difficult time in his life, so I can't really tear the guy down.

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Update: 9-Oct-2014

Master Tracksuit. He's a Master of medicine.

Edit: Mouth was a little off, so made a slight adjustment.

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I love Yoji Shinkawa's art for MGS series, so I thought I'd attempt to make some Metal Gear Scanlon fan-art in his style.

"Why is Drew's eye red?", you may be wondering. Nano-machines.

Done using a Pentel Brush Pen, a 0.3mm Letraset Fine Line Pen and Copic Markers (Neutral Grey), with some Photoshop tweaking. The Drew one was my first real attempt at mimicking Shinkawa's style and I ended up having to make a lot of edits in Photoshop (in retrospect I was being quite lazy and probably should have redone it instead). I think it turned out OK though. My second attempt, i.e. Dan, went a whole lot smoother.

It was fun. I may move onto the rest of the Bombcrew, if people want to see that.

Nice. Was it the FP10 pocket brush pen? I've had a hard time finding out more about Shinkawa's process, and have wanted to mimic his style in some pieces.

Damn good work, though.

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I'm sad to see her go. I know when it comes to Ubisoft, it's impossible to really claim one person made a difference on any of their games these days. But, Raymond was brought in on the latest Splinter Cell.

Blacklist returned to the roots of what Splinter Cell is, and Raymond had something to do with that I'm sure. She was brought on to SC, and there were positive changes made to that entry. So I'm sad to her go, I remember hearing she was also working on the next Splinter Cell game.

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What Drew doesn't know won't hurt him. Also, how would anyone feel about Dan and Drew doing Peace Walker co-op?

As much lore as Peacewalker adds I personally think it's a little too grindy to be played on a segment like this. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it requires resource collection which in turn means repeating some missions over and over. It's not a straight A-to-B type of game like the rest of the series.

Yeah, I agree. Peace Walker is such a different MGS games, and is broken up in bite sized chunks (it was, after all, originally a PSP game) that it might not hold up as well to something like this. The design of the game is very unlike any of the console MGS games.

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@firecracker22: Looking at what was lost from Subsistence in the transition to HD I would disagree with the HD collection being the way to go.

Yeah, I was looking at some of the things posted a few pages ago. But, I dunno really does look beautiful in that HD Collection. I could be convinced on MGS2, though.

I do think we can all agree on the original Snake Eater not being the one to go with, because of that fixed camera. Subsistence or HD Collection are the only two options.

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If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure that MGS2 Substance is the same exact game as the original release (Sons of Liberty), the single player is untouched I think. Though, I think they might have added Euro difficulty, but the additions were all extras along with VR Missions. And the HD Collection is just Substance with an HD makeover.

And it's completely unfair to ask anybody to have to play Snake Eater with that fixed camera. Subsistence including the new camera is the best way to play that game. That alone disqualifies the original Snake Eater release for me. The fixed camera caused more headaches than it was worth in the original release.

HD Collection is the way to go with Snake Eater as well, since it's just Subsistence with an HD makeover. And truthfully, that game looks amazingly beautiful as well with the HD makeover. I thought it was amazing how good a game that old wound up looking in the HD Collection.