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Thx for the input. Halo must be losing its mojo. I remember a time when everybody freaked out when they saw the letter "H" . But you´re right, there´s no real news besides the obvious fact that something is in production atm.

P.s.: I love cats

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Hey Duders,

I must be going blind, but I couldn't find anything on Halo 5 in the news on our beloved website. Did I miss it or is there nothing to report on?

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Yo Duders! Had a nice intro to the game last night with great help from the Gb Channel!! Got a sweet deal for 30 days plus alot of stuff on top for 4€ ! Looking forward to getting back online on thursday and then hopefully I will be able to apply for the GB Corp! Thx again for the help.

Jazaari Konevatku aka Firefly

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It's been too long guys...I was holding back, just in case someone else had an opinion! Think we can close this thread now... haha

Gamespot is our friend yet again!!

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Hey Dudes!
 What would your Lifetime Sub be?

Mine's a Quiznos Chicken Mesquite... too bad we don´t have Quiznos over here in Germany!

49 Hours to go....

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Can you get this on BluRay? Is there some kind of special edition with super exclusive shiznit? Maybe a sticker or even a cup?

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LouChou said:
"yeah boy! you're like a drug runner, only your drug is the playstation. just don't hide it up your anus, because that would not make a comfortable flight back.
Hehe....I'm actually flying to Miami. So I'm in the right setting. Maybe I'll leave by Jetboat, with a unbuttoned white shirt and a lot of gel in my hair. Oh shit have to grow that mustach real fast.
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roofy said:

i love that he placed this in the Sony section so the only replies are "wise choice"
place it in the general chat and see what most people think
Oh! I'm very very wise. I'm a huge fan of all systems and lucky enough to already own a 360. I wasn't asking for any advice or anything just sharing my happy thoughts with proPS3 people!
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Oh hell yeah! Thats my happy face!

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