What...? A quest? No, this isn't... oh, okay. It is. But hey, do you want to see me typing about video games? You could go here for that. Thanks for your time. ^_^

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Hello, All

I'm really enjoying the site so far. Two of my submissions were approved. ^_^ YaY! I hope my Shadow Hearts overview is approved, but I'm a bit scared. Haha. Never written anything like that before. If it is, though... I think I'll work on the rest of the series's overviews and on some more minor things like character pages. I'm not sure anyone else will care... but I do. And it will be a good way to earn points, hopefully.

Anyways, don't expect me to make any more posts here, folks. I have LiveJournal in which to do that. But you never know. I'm not sure anyone there cares what I'm up to on Giant Bomb, so... haha. Of course, I'm not sure anyone here cares what I'm up to on Giant Bomb. HeH. Go figure!

*Goes back to watching old On the Spots* Ah... the good days. *Sighs*

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