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You knock Infamous and Killzone now but will your tune change when Microsoft shows off some new Halo or Gears game for the nextbox at their conference? I sure hope it doesn't.

And what exactly were people expecting this early in the year before the launch of the PS4? I personally expected no system specs, no release date, no price, and maybe a picture of the box. I certainly didn't expect them to just give out the internals of the system as well as trot out dev after dev to show off upcoming games.

Some people are acting as if this was their E3 presentation with only a few months before launch. This was just an initial announcement to get people talking about the PS4. Anyone who says they were genuinely disappointed with the event needs to get their heads checked.

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How is this even an issue? Who cares? All I've been hearing over the lifespan of the PSP is, "PSP sucks, there's no games on it, it's dead, no one likes it, nauseum"

What does it matter if you can't play psp games on the vita. It's a new console. Does anyone even have umd games they want to carry over? The answer is NO.

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@Enigmatical: It's not necessarily a lack of confidence in Dragon's Dogma. They've invested a ton of time and money into the game and it's being handled by their largest and best development team. SE included a demo for FFXII on DQVIII. I doubt they lacked confidence in that title.

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He was fired because he was taking too long on TLG. He managed to stay on as freelance with a new game director most likely.

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@slightconfuse: That's the idea. Give the most basic game away for free and hopefully entice you to do micro transactions to expand the game. Anyone complaining about the bare-bones nature of the free versions doesn't understand the idea of F2P.

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@Tally_Pants: Well no, they don't really win either. They miss out on a lot of quality PSN games. PS3 on the other hand pretty much gets most of XBLA games some time.
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@Shaanyboi: Yup, 20 NES/GBA games is perfect since I don't have any actual 3DS games to play. It's really odd that early adopters are satiated by the "compensation" package. You paid $250 at launch and a mere 6 months later there's an unprecedented massive price cut. It'd be fine if in those 6 months you had access to a great game library, but you didn't. Don't even pretend that you did because there haven't been very many worthwhile games so far. 
So after paying $250 for a paperweight, an $80 pricedrop within 6 months, you're given 20 NES/GBA games and that makes everything peachy? Go figure.
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I'm not really sure why Nintendo gets a free pass for things like this. Imagine the public outcry if the 360 couldn't play DVDs or if the PS3 locked out DVDs and  BD movies and only accepted a locked BD game disc, giving the excuse, go buy a standalone dvd/bd player.
DVD playback can't possibly cost them anything. The PS2 had it for pete's sake! How many Nintendo consoles have their been since the PS2 launched? None of them play DVDs.

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The PSP GoW games do not have gimped controls. You can't be that crippled that you're not able to hold down a shoulder button and then use the nub to roll. The shoulder button which happens to be the block button to begin with.

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lol, directing people to Sony because LA Noire is freezing? It's up to the developer to patch the game. What's Sony going to do? Rewrite their firmware just for Rockstar?

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