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So I was going to go ahead and get Audio Technica M20xs' but I just found a deal that will not last for long in my area that has Sennheiser 439 HDs' at about the same price. I listen to mostly rap and bass-y music, and I'm also planning on using them for gaming. Any thoughts?

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I literally just booted the game up after months and It popped out, must have been super lucky.

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Hey there, played a bit of this a while back I now logged back in and feeling like playing some more, I'm up for some clan action.

Also, I've got a 75% off coupon, so I'm thinking why not go ahead and buy 1000 platinum. Any tips on what to buy with it?

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Thanks a bunch everyone.

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I've always been a big fan of card games but I've become rather annoyed with Hearthstone for various reasons, and I've always wanted to try Magic in a form or other. How is it? And is it like HS where in order to get to higher level play you basically have to play the same 5-6 decks that everybody runs?

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Andrew Zenith. I guess I'll see you guys out there.

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I've played both LoL and DoTA and I can safely say you absolutely need a party of friends to play those games. Going at it solo just ends up being frustrating, at least for me, and because the game is such a time sink and leaving means ruining a game, players get really toxic when they lose because they feel like they've wasted 30+ minutes. Also, everyone thinks is right which more often leads to a lot of arguing that just drags the team down, and ends with frustration for each of the parties involved.

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@sterling said:

I'm in love with the coco.

Oh my fucking god.

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I've always thought about diving in EVE Online, but I don't know if I'll even be able to start properly, as it seems insanely complicated. If I do get the game, I'm thinking I'll play it on by the time christmas rolls along so I'll have some extra free time. Any tips?

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All this talk of Battlefield makes me wanna play 2 even more, because I never had the chance. Since it's on sale everywhere, any recommendations? I have never played BF2 before, If I do go ahead and buy it, is there anything I need to know?