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I've played both LoL and DoTA and I can safely say you absolutely need a party of friends to play those games. Going at it solo just ends up being frustrating, at least for me, and because the game is such a time sink and leaving means ruining a game, players get really toxic when they lose because they feel like they've wasted 30+ minutes. Also, everyone thinks is right which more often leads to a lot of arguing that just drags the team down, and ends with frustration for each of the parties involved.

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@sterling said:

I'm in love with the coco.

Oh my fucking god.

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I've always thought about diving in EVE Online, but I don't know if I'll even be able to start properly, as it seems insanely complicated. If I do get the game, I'm thinking I'll play it on by the time christmas rolls along so I'll have some extra free time. Any tips?

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All this talk of Battlefield makes me wanna play 2 even more, because I never had the chance. Since it's on sale everywhere, any recommendations? I have never played BF2 before, If I do go ahead and buy it, is there anything I need to know?

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IGN: FirePrince

Would like to join.

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Seeing as I didn't care much for any anime at the time, especially over the top action, and how Asura's Wrath is after all barely a game, it's a marvel that I still finished it in two sittings because I just enjoyed so much of it.

I still did feel cheated as hell when I found out the actual ending is behind DLC, as the one included in the game did feel a bit underwhelming.

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The name's FirePrince.2084. Last time I joined a GB MMO guild I had a lot of fun.

I'm a lvl 8 Charr Engineer, should I be just looking to finish my story or focus on something else?

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@flacracker: I've been here since it was little more than a blog, with a quick look there of Dragon Ball Z something, and Building a Bomb, if memory serves me right. I have loved it ever since. But that doesn't mean I want to watch, as specified above, 100 hours of Vinny and Jeff playing Persona 4.

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I don't like the Endurance Runs.

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I just can't. I can't finish Naoto's dungeon. As much as I love the game, and the universe. The story is great, and so are the characters, plus I feel like I'm at the right age for playing Persona, and rightly so - being able to actually put myself, or some of my friends in the shoes of the characters is something that no game has achieved for me, ever. But the grinding. Dear god. I just can't bring myself to do another 10 floors.

Am I crazy? Am I alone in this?

Ever since I've discovered P4 I've never skipped a week without listening to the music, which is incredible. I've also watched the anime. Maybe that's what ruined it. Anywho, I just feel like I need more Persona, and less JRPG. I'm probably never going to be able to finish this game, as much as I want to. Also, I've tried Arena, a 30+ visual novel seems a bit much. What is one to do?