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I've got The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Capsized, The Orange Box, 6 coal and various coupons (if they still count for anything).

I'd ideally like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Trine 2 or Gemini Rue, but feel free to make offers if you're interested!

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Yup, Megan made a triumphant return from Oblivion! Chivalry didn't, he's probably still standing outside Lucien's dungeon.

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Bawh, this thread didn't last long, it was awesome.

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@TrueEnglishGent: Jeff suits a suit way too well.
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Bad thread! No dying!
 Shitty photoshopping all day erry day!
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 Business Jeff and Leatherjeff wondered what happened to all the girls. ...They approved.
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Rotated 135 degrees in the top left corner. Yeah, it's that exclusive!
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The green grass and the big mountains (...or at least what I assume are grass and mountains) make it look fantasy-y to me. Hope I'm right, I'd love a good fantasy FPS. Fantasy's kiiiiiiinda sci fi.

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I was really disappointed when this was rumoured to be dead, hope it turns out well. Some of the concepts seemed really interesting, I'd much rather get a broken unique game than a postapocalyptic third person shooter.

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Sometimes I just scroll through my Steam list when I feel like something new. That's not random though.