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@grillbar: to be honest I only used paypal a few times earlier in the year to try it out. Eventually I hope this will be sorted and when it is done I will stick to psn cards. Amazon & send them pretty quickly via email.

I'm gonna give them until the end of the week and see. I don't think I can face anymore phone calls to support...

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@mosespippy: my bank account was tied to my paypal. I was in the middle of a dispute with PayPal about something else a few weeks ago and when they charged back the payments to Sony they basically told me not to worry and consider

The money compensation for messing me around during my dispute with them. Thing is I knew the money wasn't their's to give so I left it in the account, a week or so later Sony is like where's our f'ing money!

I'm not helping myself reading the horror stories of people having their accounts deleted permanently and losing £100's in purchases.

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Hi guys,

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience.

A little over a week ago my PSN account (UK) was suspended/banned. I received no emails explaining why this happened so I phoned up customer service (terrible 30-45 min wait every time) and was told paypal made a chargeback for two payments to Sony for just over £50. I contacted paypal and was told they couldn't reverse the chargeback and that was that.

The play station customer service agent told me I'd have to buy psn vouchers to cover the charge back, I did this over the phone when he asked me as I bought them from This was over a week ago and still my account is banned and when I phone up the agent says it's been escalated and he can't find out what's happening.

Im probably being impatient but I can't help it when I feel I have done nothing wrong and done what they have asked to rectify the situation.

The fact I have a copy of shadow of mordor sat on my desk unplayed due to this has nothing to do with my impatience... :D

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Requested to join EU 1

Xbox one: Fishchutney

PM'd @fattony12000

Hopefully see some of you Duders soon :-)

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I have been able to log in to the site previously to download the premium content to take with me on the road but for some reason I can no longer get past clicking login on front page and it not loading past that.

Any help would be great

Thanks :-)

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Fishchutney Xbox 360 sent request to giant bomb.

Seriously need some folks to play with