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I have to go with Sid Meier's Pirates. I think I had it on the Amiga 2000 but I am pretty sure I played it on the 500 too.

Compared to the NES or Dos version (maybe until the gold version) it was way ahead in graphics and music.

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Blade from Bad Dudes

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I use it when I need to take notes fast, it goes down on paper much faster.

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RIP THQ, I really hoped they would pull through this somehow. I really loved some of those IPs, I hope whoever gets them doesn't shelve them, or worse, shit all over them and release money-grabs?

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Solid backward compatibility with PSX made the best game system ever! Especially for RPG fans. I will have it hooked up to my TV for years to come.

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Doug all the way. She had a gun, common use the damn gun and leave that purse alone.

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! (NES)


Gran Turismo 2 (PSX)

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"Septic" and he is my support medic, I can't remember his real name though. I have to laugh every time a guy named Septic heals someone.

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In open space sniper, inside the UFO or close quarters ghost armor and rapid fire (sometimes needs a follow up shot)

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