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I was born in '81, which makes me old enough to remember the Soviets playing the US in the Olympics.  So... Yeah.  Old enough!

I could eat different types of Pizza every day. Surely I have some kind of Pizza addiction. That and soda.

I always loved the Color Green. Who knows how we pick favorite colors, but that one is mine.

I have a Blood type of AB+. That means I'm a Universal Receiver. The opposite of a Universal Donor. Your blood could work in my Body. It's also weird. Keep your blood to yourself, Mister!

I donated exactly 10 Gallons of Plasma. If I ever donate again, it'll have to be until I hit 20 Gallons. Or 100 Gallons. Something about the ending on a good number matters to me.

I burned through 5 computers so far. Some work. Others don't. Ever felt that pitch in your stomach when your computer does something impossibly bad, like all the screen dies on you? I hate that.

I have to say that RPG's are my favorite type of game because I'm best at those. But I enjoy most types of games in general. 

I like to Write, I like to Read. If people ask me for my hobbies I'll always say these. But most days I listen to Audio books on the computer  instead of reading actual books.

I await George R.R Martins next book eagerly. It takes the man years to write 'em, but it's worth it. And I hope HBO picks it up as a Series.