Turn 008: Inane Details

So, with Spore and Fable Pub Game out I've been spending a lot of time playing games with out really digging into them.

Spore lets you sit down for three or four hours if you want to making things from plants to spaceships to creatures of every kind and sort. Than you can use that in the game. But for a guy like me, I might spend a half hour on the colors alone. Getting everything 'right' is something that motivates me to keep tinkering at it until I think it's good enough to put in the game.

I saw some Big Daddy's that somebody made... Wow. I thought I was pretty good until I saw that. The one I saw was dead on perfect. I started playing as them immediately.

And as for Pub Games? Well, I grind out 100k every day on that. 10 minutes I can always spare, and that is about all it takes when you know the glitch. Come time I pick up Fable 2 I'll have something like 4 million gold waiting for me. And that threw me in a huge moral morass, which I don't need when I pick up a game. Do I take advantage of this loophole? The game will be less fun, I know that, but walking into Bowerstone castle and buying the thing outright as my very first action is a pretty funny idea.

And in the original Fable I figured a way around the mini game at the first bar with the cards. By telling myself what the top row was aloud, I always knew where 25% of the cards were I needed to match. Like I check the top row and it is King Jack Ten Queen, I say repeat those cards to myself mentally and check the second row. When I find a match I know exactly where it is. When ten shows up I know the third card in the top row is ten, because that's the order I'm repeating it in.

Bottom line? I earn cash until I'm bored earning cash. Plate Armor and Greatswords at level 1. That's beating the system, and glitches fall into that category of 'They should have fixed this before they made it public'.


Turn 007: Like Turn Six, but Plus One.

So, I'm back after a week or two off.  Uh, so that's good news? Hope you didn't miss me, glorious internet. I considered never coming back at all, and make no mistake that'll happen one day, but as it turns out I still have some stuff I want to do here. I'm happy to see my Van Buren section doing well.

I put aside most of my gaming recently. Sometimes you just can't work the time into it, you know? But now I'm starting to get my free time back and I'm seeing I'm still pretty up there in the point standing. It was strange, I kind of hoped I'd be off the front page, but I'll admit I liked that  I was still up there after so long an absence. Points are complicated that way. Really, it's an addiction. Sometimes you have to say 'No points this month' just to keep that itchy 'Gotta crack 25k' mindset at bay.

Oh, and incidentally? I just cracked 25k on Xbox live. More importantly my percent completed is between 80-and 90%. Thank you Madden 09!

But around here points seem a lot harder to get now! Things that scored big aren't doing that anymore. Oh well.

I'll see about touching up a few things here and there. Maybe the Anime. After toally explaining Naruto's life story I thought 'Maybe I should have put in a spolier warning'. Has anybody done that yet? I hope so. Anyway. Later.


Turn 006: Parade of Pics

Haven't updated anything for a few days. That has a lot to do with me thinking 'Where do I win' mentality. Simply put, this site is really like owning a pet. Constant reward for constant effort. Or you use it as a resource, but a gaming site is basically a place to learn about the quality of games. I won't use it like that more than once a month, because not enough reviews are up yet from guys I trust to judge them well.

I have a few ideas on parts I can drop big updates on, but that'll take a few days to build myself up a buffer of time to crack open a thousand words on something or other. I've updating my pics a lot, which is good. Some are funnier than others, but I think all of them are worth looking at.

...And that's what's been on my mind about the site!


Turn 005: One word. Hendak.

So I'm settling into a routine around here. Log in every other day when I get up (around 3 am) and add something to something, figure out what I'll add to next time, and log out. But I look at my points and Holy crap! It jumped wayyyyy up. I have no idea why. It makes me really tempted to actually check out the tutorials and maybe figure out how the point system works, but no! I refuse to read the instructions. This site is easy enough to use, so I'll use it.

In good/bad news I'm just barely on the top halfo fthe top page of point users. That's good, I have a lot of points right now compared to many, but bad because I don't want to get wrapped up in that. Points only foster this kind of competition you can't win. You can ge the most points with a lot of work. Maybe that's worth it for bragging rights. But You can keep the most points with constant work. I'm not up for that.

Incidently BG 2 has been fun. I'm still awaiting the cossoal meltdown of party members, but I see that coming with the snips and snaps they say during others diolgoue. Also Bioware was a better company than I suspected. They have a guy named Hendak as the best gladitator of BG 2 working as a slave in the back of this bar, and in Kotor a guy named Hendak Starkiller (I'm pretty sure that was his name) was also a big time gladiator currently retired. So, you know, basically what I'm saying is I know way to much about RPG's.


Turn 004: Swords, not Words!

Going back into all these games makes me think of playing a game through again. Namely Balder's Gate 2. About once a month I fire up a game, and this time it'll be in a classic RPG with the most dysfunctional party I can imagine. 3 women, all of which are secretly in love with the PC, and Minsc and Edwin hate each other so much they eventually have to fight to the death. That party combination basicaly shoehorns the player into being a thief, but that's alright. I expect the interparty conflict to be worth playing it alone.

And points... I have no idea how they are awarded. I'll just admit that right here. But the Anime sections are mostly bare, which is good. I'll fill in a bio a day for awhile. I don't think I'll ever be as high in the point ranking as I was, but that's alright. A fourm post here, a edit there, and I'll consider the time here worthwhile.

Until I just happen to vanish entierly one day and never come back. That's also totally possible. But my vainshing act isn't today.


Turn 003: Less of a Noob

I'm only just now starting to figure out the feel of this site. Some things still confuse me. That’s my fault for not reading or watching any tutorials. Like, for example,  I added parts to a Multiplayer sections with Mulitplayer modes and it got rejected. I have no idea what's supposed to be in there if not a description of the game modes. Other things, like my instant deletion, proved to be no accident. I surpassed some magic number of points and now can make edits at will. That's handy. Also it's a huge potential abuse of power. If I were to fully fill in the characters of the Anime parts I know I could probably crack 10k points in a day. That's not a good idea though because I want to keep a low profile. I don't think I even would mind if somebody overwrote all my stuff so long as what they replaced it with was better. And if this site was a year old when I found it I probably wouldn’t edit at all.

What else. I only have done one thing I'm pretty proud of. That's the section on Van Buren in Fallot 3. Interesting, little known knowelge about a game that people really enjoy.

Also the Pending edits now have a 'Delete' function. That was necessary. I could have saved myself that head ace earlier if that was working a few days ago.

What I really like is that although pretty much everything I can come up with is already here, it's mostly all empty. I can pick a topic I know stuff about at random and fill it in. So I contribute a lot to all my favorite stuff. I like that. Also I made a forum post. Basically I saw I was the only one in the top 50 who hadn't, so I threw one out there. Hopefully it'll get responded to a little by people who aren’t big jerks. Normally that's why I avoid forums. People get a lo of attitude when you aren’t actually looking them in face. Especially true for punks.

I can't believe I just said punks. 


Turn 002: Too Many Points.

So, uh, good news. Wait. Who am I even writing to? Who reads blogs, anyway? I can't imagine how a random ramble could interest anybody.

Anyway like I was saying, Good news. Kinda. That whole problem with the Naruto edits is resolved. They posted it all in Franchise, a word I can't even spell without a spell-checker let alone know how to edit that properly. I immediately saw them do it because I'm up working on DOAx2's page (God help me), and points when from 500 to over 3000. I edited it all away with a big delete. and explained it in the little 'To the edior' box.

To my surprise the delete was approved in about 5 seconds. I've got stuff 2 days in the hopper, but this was taken care of in less than a minute. This is really a good thing because for whatever reason I don't like my mistakes being posted out there. I bet it's the same impulse that makes me stop in the middle of a game, restart it, and play the beginning over again so I can do this or collect that or whatever it is I missed the first time around.

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be working so hard playing games. That impulse usually is a boon when it comes to things like paperwork and organization, I guess. But man it can be a real pain sometimes.

The problem now is I got all the points for posting it in franchise and unless something really weird happens I'll get them all of them again when it goes up in naruto's character side. That's like 6000 points. As of right now I'm in the top 50 with 3000+, so... yeah. I shouldn't be getting these points twice. I don't think they should score by the word. Should be done by the quality. I don't know how you judge that, but that'd be a better system.

For the most part people who play games take this whole hobby way to serious, and points and consoles especially so. Points really don't matter.  And comes from a guy who knows points. I'm in the top 1% of Xbox 360 online point totals. 25k+ isn't a drop in the bucket to the guys at the top, but for the most part it's a pretty high amount. The only reason I go for the achievements is that I like to complete the games I play. And have you ever tried to explain points to somebody who dosn't know games? It's embarrasing.

"So, basically I spent over a thousand hours over the last few years building up this huge amount of gamerscore that really has no practical value to it. I dervie some fun in getting them, sure, but that's about it."

"Oh. HUH. That's great, man. I'm going to go walk over here now. Enjoy Tetris, or Mario, or whatever."

So that's why I hardly tell anybody about it. And if anyone asks? I'm big into Sky diving and Polar Bear wrestling, and other less Nerdy Hobbies.


Turn 001: Oh Crap.

Well. I screwed up. I just realized I wrote a whole huge deal on Naruto, but put it in the 'Franchise' section and not the 'Character' section. Is it my fault they're both called the same thing? And even though I'm only a few days into this whole editing thing I still am kinda annoyed about it.

And I've got no idea how to undo the edit or un-sumbit it. So. You know. Crap.

What now? I guess I could copy the original all that over on the Character side and submit the edit over there. Or I could just leave it alone and hope they move it all over themselves.

I changed words and sentences all over after I pasted it from Word onto the Naruto Franchise page. So it'll be annoying to do all that work again... Yeah. I'm not doing that right now. Maybe I can find some way to send the guys editing this stuff a message that I messed up. That's what I'll do. Try and find out how to do that.

... It's 5 minutes later and I'm still not sure how or who to send this kind of thing to.

You know what? I've made like 6 edits so far and no points yet. They're all pending. I'm going to lay low and forget this ever happened. If it's denied, good. I don't want it up in the wrong section.  If it's moved into charecters that's ideal. And they ask me to post it again in the right area I'll do that. So problem solved.


Turn 000: The Zero-ing.

How high will this Blog's numbers get to? Count on it being Single Digits.

I'm not one for Blogging. But I'm compelled to sign up here for no reason than to follow Gerstman. He's a guy I really respect when it comes to Games, and Games are my favorite Hobby. 

That, and if I could score my Favorite In-Game-Name as my User Name. Whenever I'm asked to type in 'Your Name' I'll usually go with Fisk. You might guess I play my share of RPG's.

The first thing I did here was post some Pics. Some are from WoW, which I played for a month before deciding it was just more Game than I was willing to handle. By the end I was playing WoW like a job. Everyday I was thinking about getting back to the computer so I could put more hours in and do my quests and level up and score more loot. All great stuff, but I realized I was snared in the freaking Heart of Madness. At the end of that month I was even dreaming about the damn game. At that point I just told myself  'Ok. That's enough WoW.'

I think I got up to level 40 or 50 with My Orc, but it's hard to remember as I was building up two alts and an Alliance Guy on Penny Arcade's server.  Oh, and I was using some Leveling Guide to minimize the time it took to advance. My brain was a jumble of numbers and locations and NPC fantasy names that sounded like 'Gulgo' and 'Urlan'. Things like customizing Macros and organizing hotbars and interface mods and... and... it really just goes on and on with that game.

So that's it. Later, Interent Guys.