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This is a great QL.

Please play this on UPF, I need Jeff's eyes on this.

Jeff's view on the original XBLIG version can be seen 30 minutes into this:

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goddamm how time has flew by, i remember the guys looking at the original version of this game on this QL

"I don't think this is a good game, but I'm happy they've made it".

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You know you're in for something special when you get texture alignment issues on the first screen.

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What's the deal with the image corruption? It's all over all the recently recorded videos -- like, a majority of them since before E3.

Noticed that too, sometimes it looks like they've switched to a DivX codec from 1999 or something.

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Huh, gotta say I'm surprised this game got such a positive response, even aside from the massive technical issues with the PC version.

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Making a Superman game is easy. You just take Bayonetta's escalating insanity and apply it to a Superman model. He has to start fighting kryptonite druggie Lex Luther in giant armor and end with him fight a sentient evil sun from a million years in the future.

That actually sounds pretty alright.

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I just don't get per-weapon unlock systems. I kinda liked the way Bad Company handled it, where red dot sights and stuff like that were weapon class unlocks, makes a little more sense considering most guns, if I'm not mistaken, have a standard rail for attachments, so the same sight would work with any gun with a compatible rail.

But in general, I dislike unlock systems as a concept.

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@jeff Hey, weren't the fans during the home computer wars in the 80's pretty damn toxic? Watching Jason Scott's BBS Documentary series, there are some pretty horrifying stories of Atari fans smashing up stores that hosted local community TRS-80 BBS's and stuff like that. They really seem to have resorted to physical violence at a level that I don't really see in the admittedly totally fucking terrible gamer culture we have today.

I'm also still kinda surprised by how little Frontier is brought up during No Man's Sky discussions. I kinda expected Danny to have played it, growing up with the Amiga and all that, because it also had most of the features that have been unveiled about NMS so far.

Bringing up Noctis IV was great though, I had totally forgotten the name or even what you did in that game, I just had these weird, vague memories of a blurry, low res space game where you stood in a cubic blue room, and that apparently was the early DOS version of Noctis IV.

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Huh, that rain looked really weird - looked like the wind changed direction depending on how they moved rather than them moving through the rain - when standing still the rain fell straight down, when they were strafing the rain fell at an angle, and when driving that tank it looked like they were driving against the wind in a heavy rainstorm.

That's some of the weirdest looking rain tech I've seen in a game.

The wet streets and the wet bat suit looked incredible though.

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Wonder how the controller situation will work out?

Reading an article by someone who tried it (and normally plays ED on a Thrustmaster Warthog on PC), it actually controls pretty well. No head tracking though, which seems like a missed opportunity to use the Kinect for something useful.

They already had some great controls for controllers on the PC version, so doubt the One version is much different. Curious if they have any cross-platform play, including with the meta stuff.

That's comforting to hear, erm read that is. Been curious since that quicklook.

I do hope you can remap the controls on the console versions though, because the default 360 controller layout on PC was pretty dumb, but with some modifications you can access all the necessary options with the controller (while the rest of them are available from the popup menus). Pretty much the only thing I use the keyboard for is to retract the landing gear, since reaching for the L key goes faster than accessing the ship functions menu. It's still not something you'll ever have to do in combat though.

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For Honor an original idea ha chivalry medieval warfare called they want a word about that combat

That game was janky as fuck. I could never get into the combat.

Mount and Blade came out in 2008.

Red Steel came out in 2006.

Starting to veer off a little here, but let's mention Die By The Sword from 1998 when we're at it.