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Not going to tell you that there's no John Carpenter in Mass Effect, but I'd say they're mostly trying to emulate Vangelis, who did the music to Blade Runner.

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He's made music for years. He composed the music for a lot of his movies- at least several of the older ones.

But ya, that's cool.

Edit: Ya, it reminds me of his other stuff. He seems to be the only one with that sound. It's the same kind of thing that the music in Mass Effect was emulating- John Carpenter's style I mean.

I'd say it's a lot of John Carpenter and Front 242, filtered through the general sound of Vangelis' soundtracks.

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While I like my Vita, I would never recommend it to anyone. Sony has given up on it, and there'll likely never be another major release or exclusive for it.
If you aren't sure, you should probably get the 3DS.

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Watch American Cyborg: Steel Warrior. The finest piece of art the medium has seen so far.

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Imdb uses a weird inverted scale where 1/10 is the best and 10/10 is the worst by the way. Don't ask me why.

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I've never seen World's End, and only I've seen Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead once, and that was a really long time ago. I remember really liking both and really can't rank which I liked the most.

I guess Shaun of the Dead was a bit more special at the time of it's release, by the time Hot Fuzz came out you kinda knew what to expect out of their movies. It didn't disappoint, but didn't hit quite as hard the second time around.

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@cirdain: I guess it is believable then, I had only seen regular newspapers reporting on it.

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Has the head transplant story actually been picked up by any reputable science journals though? I've seen it in the science feeds in some newspapers, but very few if any newspaper actually hire science reporters anymore, so they could be tricked into publishing just about anything. Which happens, a lot.

I've found the entire story weird, since if we can remove and reattach heads, surely we could fix all kinds of paralyzed car crash victims, which I haven't heard any indications that it would be possible or getting closer to being done in recent years?

As has been stated previously, TedX and Ted Talks are a different thing, and TedX is pretty well known for letting anybody on, giving lots of scammers and pseudoscientists a platform to give the impression that they've held Ted Talks.

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@artisanbreads said:

I use 8 and like it a lot. Snappy and customizable. Never got the hate for it at all. I don't get the Start menu thing.

Same. Always got the impression a lot of hate for Windows 8 came/comes from people who either have never used it or have used it only briefly. I say -most- as it's obviously perfectly reasonable to prefer 7 over 8 but there's nothing inherently wrong with 8.

Agreed. There's not much of a reason to drop 7 for 8 (though I think it is supposed to be faster, idk exactly). Anyways it's perfectly fine. Hyperbole on the internet! Surprising!

Well, the thing was that the changes Windows 8 did to the UI didn't make anything better for non-touchscreen users. It wasn't terrible though, and the people who bought Windows 8 machines and then downgraded to Windows 7 are crazy, but I certainly don't think Windows 8 improved anything on the usability side.

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I'm currently using Windows 7 on two of my machines (got an Windows 8 tablet and an old Vista laptop too), and I'll most certainly upgrade to Windows 10 on all machines besides the laptop, since Vista isn't covered by the free upgrade thing.

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Yeah, I don't know. When I rewatched the original movies a few years ago I can't say I enjoyed them as much as I did as a kid. The Hoth battle is still great, but other than that I think I liked the Star Trek movies more, and few of them live up to the quality of the TV shows.

Maybe the prequel trilogy soured the whole franchise, or maybe it's thanks to the fact that the original versions without all the shitty 90's CGI hard to come by (and it was those "special edition" versions I rewatched), but the feeling I got was less that "the first three movies were great but then he screwed it all up", and more "I guess this franchise was always about selling figurines to kids, and maybe actually never was particularly good".

I certainly wouldn't go as far as saying they're bad, but I did enjoy many of the many movies and tv shows that happened because of Star Wars more than the actual Star Wars. In retrospect, I think I'm more fond of the 1999 Wing Commander movie.

That said, I guess I'll still watch the first of the new movies at least. I did see two out of three of the prequels after all.

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Yeah, he's been making music since the 70's at least.

He's also written video game music - he composed the soundtrack for the PS1 game Sentinel Returns in 1998.

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