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I'd say many Westwood style RTS games would be viable, at least the singleplayer campaigns. Stuff like the Command & Conquer series, Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander can be played with the mouse only. They don't have all that unit ability nonsense and build menus that Blizzard's games, and games inspired by those do.

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@mightyduck: The Vita can not play the PS2 classics on PSN, and only about half of the PS1 classics, just so you know. Check in the PS Store to make sure they're tagged as PS3/PSP/Vita, if they're only PS3/PSP they won't run, and I know there are at least two games that are labeled as compatible with all three (even sold on the Vita store) that you can't download to the Vita - Warhawk and Critical Depth.

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The PSP version of Tom Clancy's Endwar, which is Vita compatible, is a Battle Isle clone - and the Battle Isle series was inspired by Hudsonsoft's Nectaris/Military Madness for the PC Engine, which was in itself the precursor to Famicom/Advance Wars. The console game Endwar was an entirely different thing, but the PSP game is an hexagonal turn based strategy game.

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Huh, the chat worked flawlessly during and after UPF (I stayed on in ghost chat until yesterday), but with Bombing in the AM today I'm getting the same issue as d_w above. I've flushed my DNS, cleared the browser cache, ctrl-f5'd the page several times, logged out but can't get it to work.

I'm using Firefox.

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I very rarely watch video reviews. I used to watch Angry Joe Show, but realized his views very rarely lined up with mine, so I stopped doing that. Now I mostly watch Quick Look style stuff, and when it comes to reviews I prefer the text format, where I actually think newspapers tend to have the most well written and interesting ones, though Killscreen, Quarter to three, Eurogamer and US Gamer also tend to have pretty good stuff.

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@thiago123 said:

@snail: not disregarding it, but my understanding was that your statement is reversed - they slightly improved battery life at the cost of a greatly superior screen. I'm not saying you are wrong, this is just my perception from comments.

On another note, I knew a common complaint was the price of the proprietary memory, but I had not looked it up until now....yikes, $80 for 32gb?! Maybe I'll fight by desire to go portable and get a ps3 instead. J/k...?

It's not like the battery life on the original Vita was bad either way. I've only ever run out of battery on mine once, and that was after a pretty damn long Killzone multiplayer session, probably lasting around 4-5 hours or so (it being online also means it wasn't as power efficient as it could be if you turn off wi-fi/3G and stuff like that).

But, yes, the memory prices are ridiculous, and 8 GB won't last long at all. Personally I don't even think 32 GB is enough for what you'll regularly get through PS+, get on sales or just by installing your retail games, some of the patches can get pretty big - Killzone had a patch over 1 GB on it's own, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection has X-2 as a 3 GB download even if you buy the tape version, but 32 GB is the largest that is available around here, unless I want to pay even more of a premium to import a 64 GB card from Japan.

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Could be worth trying the Vita's fail safe mode out, it has an option to reconstruct the database in case it's become corrupted and stuff like that. If I recall correctly you access it by first shutting it down entirely (holding the round button by the shoulder buttons until "Do you want to shut down?" pops up), and once it's completely shut off, turn it on again while holding the PlayStation button for ten seconds as it's booting up.

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I've finished both campaigns and now only occasionally play it. I've only reached level 27, and will probably jump back in when they start adding more content, since I bought the season pass.