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My gaming sessions rarely last more than 20-30 minutes anyway, so no.

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Holy shit, this is a necro of a thread that was already necro'd! That's two necros in a single thread! This is the best and saddest thread I've ever seen.

You have seen the "I want Doom 4 and it's killing me inside" thread, I hope?

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Latvia should've gotten more love, that was the only actually decent musical act, though Sweden's most certainly was more spectacular visually.

A bit surprised Germany and Austria got no points at all, they did at the very least stick out among the 15-20 identical ballads.

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Dark Reign 3, KKnD 3 and Dune 5.

I guess it's about time to give up on Colony Wars and DeathDrome coming back too, considering both Psygnosis and Zipper Interactive are long gone.

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There was a Swedish comic book movie titled "Storm" released in 2002-03 or so. It wasn't good.

I remember really liking Storm, but I was a teenager back then so my tastes at that time should be questioned in general.

I'm not that into comic book movies so I'm indifferent towards most of them. Thor was especially boring.

I guess it was like a third of a decent movie, and it really felt like there were two or three movies going on at once, two of which were really terrible, and one which was pretty interesting and visually spectacular (but incredibly derivative of 28 Days Later). My enjoyment of that movie has been significantly lessened each time I've seen it, I too kinda liked it at first, but the bad parts have been more grating and the decent parts do less to counter that on each rewatch.

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There was a Swedish comic book movie titled "Storm" released in 2002-03 or so. It wasn't good.

I've never seen the entirety of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie, but what I did see didn't seem particularly promising either.

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Try to upload an image to a forum post and keep close look at the top of the page during the upload, I've had an issue for about a month now where image uploads from my desktop don't work, and a red "Internal server error" message quickly flashes by at the top of the page. Maybe you're encountering the same issue.

Or it could be something entirely different, but looking out for error messages could probably be useful.

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Strife, Blood and DeathDrome all had pretty great fire weaponry.

Oh, and the original Command & Conquer - NOD's flame thrower units (and GDI's air strike) could set fire to trees, and on the maps with several trees close to each other, the fire could spread and would damage nearby units and structures. Not effective enough to be used as part of a strategy, but it still was pretty rad.

Total Annihilation could also do that, but maps with trees were pretty rare.

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I think some videos run a little too long at times. I'd prefer it if we got more but shorter videos. Having to pause and resume later (which only works some of the time) in order to watch a full video can get a little much.

In general I'm fine with the amount of content we get though. We're almost at the sweet spot, I think, though it could be slightly more than it is now.