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Rename: Su-25 Stormovik > Stormovik: Soviet Attack Fighter Su-25 (make Su-25 Stormovik an alias)

I can't find any cover art spelling it any other way than this (or with the cyrillic spelling of Stormovik):

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Now I want a bear cursor.

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Someone should probably tag Dan Ryckert, so he knows what's up. Would be a shame if he didn't feature cool guy games on his GOTY list after all.

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I'd probably check it out if it got a decent reception. I thought the stick figure stuff was overdone since the early Newgrounds days, but I'll say the way it's contrasted against an actual artstyle here looks pretty cool, and those gifs are really well animated.

So, these aren't quite the kind of games I'm dying to play anymore, but I do enjoy picking up some of these every now and then if they seem well received, so on that aspect I certainly couldn't say for sure if I'd be interested in this until it's out.

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I'm also confused by the User's choice thing. I guess I'll just copy the contents of my other list into that in case they staff will use that for something.

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Skeptic's Guide to the Universe has been a favorite of mine for close to a decade now, as well as SETI's Big Picture Science.

Retronauts came back earlier this year and is currently on a hiatus, but will be back next year again.

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So far I've picked up Battlestations Collection (Midway & Pacific), Ether One, Call of Juarez 1 & 2, Ground Zeroes, Space Hulk Ascension, Outcast, MS Flight Simulator X, NFS Undercover, Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless.
I generally don't stick to "sale tactics", rather I like to spend the amount I feel the games are worth, even if they may get cheaper at some point during the sale.

Hoping X: Rebirth will get a daily or flash sale, since it's currently quite a lot more than I'd like to pay for it.

I'm leaning towards picking up Depth too, but not quite sure about that yet.

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I can't say I recall ever having been bored. But I second Famitracker. And GoatTracker if you're into C64 stuff.

Or hell, Milkytracker.