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While I agree with @geraltitude's comment - most likely these games didn't live up to their potential due to budget, deadline or other constraints, rather than the developers idling their thumbs - two games instantly come to mind for me as games that have a whole lot of promise, but which fall short due to issues that could possibly have been fixed had the developers had more time to finish the games. These games are Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds (the PC game, not the PS1 one) from 1998, and 7th Legion from 1997.

The War of the Worlds is essentially a prototype of the Total War model - the turn based RISK style world map with territories to conquer or defend, and a real time large scale battle mode to decide who wins the skirmishes in these territories. It's all presented with remixes of Jeff Wayne's fantastic 70's rock musical and an art style based on the booklet paintings from the album. The premise is just fantastic (based on H.G. Wells' 1898 novel of course), with 19th century humans attempting to defend against an Martian invasion, using the technology of the day (while attempting to capture and reverse engineer the alien technology). Sadly the game's multiplayer mode was disabled on launch, supposedly to be patched in later, which never happened, and was riddled with bugs, making several unit types unusable and some maps pretty much unwinnable.

7th Legion was a RTS/CCG hybrid, something we've started seeing a number of in recent years, but to my knowledge hadn't previously been done in 1997. In many ways it looked like C&C, with a pretty obvious aesthetic inspiration from Warhammer 40000, you had C&C style MCV's to establish your base, and WH40K style space marines, mechs and tanks to fight each other with, and of course the five cards that were handed out to each player at the start of the match, which could do anything from giving you a money boost, make a unit temporarily invulnerable or destroy every single building on the map (including your own). The game also didn't use the by that point standardized resource gathering mechanic, instead you were given a set amount of money every minute, and got bonuses for every enemy you killed.

So, yeah, the cards weren't balanced super well, but the game's biggest shortcoming - especially when you consider what genre the game belonged to - was that the game didn't handle the actual mouse recognition particularly well. Selection boxes could only be drawn from left to right, from the top to the bottom. If you tried from right to left, the units wouldn't be selected. Moving units around wasn't too great either, the game was pretty particular about exactly where on an enemy unit you should click to order an attack, it also had a contextual menu that was supposed to appear if you held down the button for a second, but which most of the time appeared instantly and thus cancelled the orders you tried to assign. The pathfinding could've been better too.

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Pssh...Haven't used Spotify since T. Swift pulled all her songs from it.

Not that specific artist, but I dropped out about a year before it went out of beta since they region locked pretty much all the stuff I was interested in. It's a shame since it was fucking amazing back in 2008-2009 during the beta.

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Valkyria Chronicles is pretty alright, but personally I'm mostly into flight simulators when it comes to the WWII setting.

When it comes to arcady shooting, I really like Panzer Elite Action too, but the PC version sold on Steam is kinda busted (the tank threads don't animate and some tanks are rendered without their turrets), so I'd only recommend that game if you've got a PS2 on hand, because the PS2 version is pretty great.

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I've never understood why games don't let people have the same names. People have the same names in real life don't they!

Yeah, I don't get this either. Most of them still use the character-name@account-name for sending in-game letters and whispers anyway.

I actually think Star Trek Online and other Cryptic games lets multiple people have the same character name though, but games that allow that are few and far between.

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Yeah, I generally want my character's name to fit within the game world. Most games make it pretty clear what historical era or mythology they draw their inspiration from (the original Guild Wars expansions where pretty inspired by Greece, Egypt and China for example), so I tend to spend a couple of hours to look up common names from that era and put together some combination I think fits. I do have a go-to name for games where a nordic name fits, but I generally care less about having a character with a specific name than a character whose name is consistent with the NPC naming conventions.

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Joystiq is the kind of website that I constantly forget exists.

Yeah, it's weird. Every time I come across articles posted on there, they're great, but I constantly forget to check for new stuff on there.

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Err, you didn't mention what store/platform you've tried purchasing it on. I can add it to the cart on both GOG and Steam at least.

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@budwyzer said:

Because the units are all so similar. How is anyone supposed to tell what they're fighting when every unit is a variation on the same base model?

What happened to the unit variation from Tiberian Sun?

Grey Goo units

Yeah, that's my biggest issue so far (other than the performance getting worse over the course of a match, plays flawlessly for the first 15 minutes and then gets more framey for every moment). The Betas and Humans are too similar visually, and it's hard to distinguish between land and air units, since almost all the land units are hovercraft (not to mention, like you posted, the unit designs themselves are pretty similar to each other). I kinda think they made the human designs too detached from today's technology over all, and I think tracked, wheeled or bipedal vehicles like we saw in Tiberian Sun or even Universe At War would've better conveyed the unit's functions. I mean, Tiberian Sun had some pretty futuristic stuff, but you could still generally see what a unit would do by it's visuals alone, and everything except possibly the infantry, being visually distinct.

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@garris: They've said there'll be free content updates, but they haven't been specific about what'll be free and what'll be paid DLC. Some posts on the official E:D forums have hinted that planetary landings will be paid DLC, but nothing's been confirmed to my knowledge.