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It all depends on what quality you want to stream at. Full HD will certainly use up quite a lot of CPU and GPU power, but if you scale it down (OBS has a built in downscaler you can enable) you can stream with little performance loss from a $200 laptop.

Hell, people have been streaming games for over a decade at this point, so in practice you don't even need a multicore CPU as long as you don't stream at full quality and maybe lower the in-game graphics a bit.

Just try various settings in both OBS and the game until you find something that works.

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If nothing else, I think Bombin' in the AM could work with one or two more regulars, making it even more of the mini-bombcast it already kinda is.

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@fear_the_booboo: Yup. Windjammers is worth sacrificing a little dignity for though.

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So, a couple of days ago Housemarque - the developers behind Resogun and Stardust among other things - opened up a twitter poll for what classic titles they should look into for inspiration for their next title, and among the listed games is Windjammers. It's of course hard not to vote for Turrican in this poll, but damn it, if we want a new Windjammers, this may be our best chance.

The poll ends in about a day, so this may be a bit late to post.

Link to the poll in question (fair warning - requires you tweeting their hashtag on your twitter account, if you're opposed to that kind of ad stuff, which I am usually, but made an exception for this):

Link to more details on Housemarque's blog:

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@stinky said:

was excited, then i remembered Tie Fighter made me go out and buy a flight stick.

don't want a flight stick laying around my desk anymore.

I still have the stick I got for Wing Commander IV on my desk. Problem is, it's a gameport joystick, and I haven't had a gameport in 14 years. As I've understood it, USB-to-gameport adapters are extremely unreliable.

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Bought the game when i saw it in Hong Kong for ~$10. They just need to port the sequel as well cause i dont want to play it in a small screen.

Now, I hope VC2 will come to PC too, but you can actually play it on the big screen with the PlayStation TV!

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I wonder how these games play with an Xbox 360 controller? I originally played these with a joystick. Oh, and don't even try playing with a mouse and keyboard, it is an exercise in frustration.

I think it'll work similar to the Wing Commander games that are on GOG, the 360 pad will be detected as a Gravis Gamepad + one analog joystick, so the left stick will work, but the game will only recognize two buttons, which will be assigned to all buttons on the 360 pad (so A, Y and LB will equal button 1 on the Gravis, and B, X and RB are button 2). The triggers and right stick only works in a few Dosbox games.

I think there's a way to edit the dosbox.conf file to manually map each button to various keyboard keys, which could be useful for a game like this, but I haven't read up on how to do that.

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These are amazing news. I hope we'll be getting bombasticas or quick looks of them too!

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The notion that games are have to be fun at all costs.