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That seems like an illegal amount of money.

Apparently you aren't allowed to think that here, among the Harmonix Defense Force. They are tiny and niche damn it.

It has nothing to do with a "Defense Force", which jesus christ just stop I bet you call people social justice warriors too, it has to do with people not knowing how much games cost.

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That seems like an illegal amount of money.

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Giantbomb crashing in 3....2...1

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this is a website about videogames

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BTW my post wasn't necessarily meant to be a slight against either Gone Home (my 3rd favorite game last year) or TLOU (my second favorite game last year). It was just an observation about the story being told and the similarity between the two.

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Being entirely reductive. It was a post apocalyptic Gone Home.

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He reads the chat but the majority of the time he's accomplishing things on his own before he reads the chat. Also keep in mind, KNOWING is great but DOING is another thing.

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If you've been watching Patrick play Dark Souls on his twitch or on his youtube channel you'll see that he's been handling it extremely well.

It's a really cool to watch someone come to this game and pick it up without much trouble. Kudos to you Patrick!

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Least I could do, recommendations warrant recommendations. I would also recommend getting Gacharic Spin's single Nudirhythm which has three fantastic songs on it.