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Hey i was just wondering does anyone know when the full rock band 2 bundle (with instruments) is going to come out and what price it would be?

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BothBarsOn said:
"Halo 3 is a mystery to me - not why it's so popular but why I personally am so terrible at it. I'm OK at most shooters. In Halo 3, it's like I've only got one hand. "
I'm with you on that one... I've been stuck at level 30 for the longest time, I've even studied videos of matches to see how people are so good, and saw no difference between what I do and what they do!! AGH!!!
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Jpizzle said:
"I've 5 starred every song in the game non-dlc.  slayer and TTFAF included :D (expert of course)

E-Peen +1
Damn that's a big e-peen!! I'm not quite the same as you, haha I still need to 5 star Raining Blood on Expert. It's driving me crazy, I'm like 40k off the 5 star cut off, there's no way I can see myself getting it to be honest...
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Very very satisfying song to complete!! I've only done it once, and I'm not really bothered going back to it ever again...