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This is actually a good idea, and the price is right, but EA doesn't publish games that I want to play. Here's hoping Playstation Now! follows this pricing schema.

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That Smash Bros article is a great read, thanks!

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Souls games have british regional accents up the wazoo. Some of the best voice acting in games as well. It's a stand out feature.

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All I care about is... when the hell is Samurai Gunn coming out?

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@fitzgerald: Reviewing a beta, you mean? That's a bit crazy. One thing to say you don't like a work-in-progress and it doesn't seem like a thing for you, but don't pretend like this small slice of the game is "reviewable" in that sense. Sorry it's not your thing though! I definitely feel for the context of the place--Bungie needs to do a better job of imparting some sort of universe and story to each player. Also, why have different races/classes if each 'startup' is the same tutorial into the game? I hope they're segregated in some way that makes the roughly twenty minutes it takes to rush through the beginning of the game a bit different. As of now, there doesn't seem to be any story difference in choosing a goddamn robot over some blue-skinned alien person.

Game comes out in, like, 2 months. I think it's safe to say that the Beta is actually more like a Demo. They just sliced off the first 8-levels of content of the full game and put it in the Beta. To think that the full game would be dramatically different than that would be... eh, a little naive I guess? That's a strong word, but I think you get the idea.

I know it's irresponsible to review a Beta, but if the core feedback loop in this Beta is the same as the full game? That's a great... 3 star game. Don't worry, it will still sell millions and ba-jillions.

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If I were reviewing this game, I'd give it 3 stars. Which is a huge shame, but I really anticipated this game. I wanted to like it, but there's just way too much World of Warcraft in this game. Shooting is fun, and the visuals are great, but going to the Tower is a big, confusing slog. My brain just doesn't have the context for where I am because I'm fast traveling all over the place. A cutscene plays where a guy tells me how important I am and I can't help but think he's given a million other people this same exact speech.

:/ I think I'm getting too old for games or something.

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@draugen: Oh, I misread your original post, then. Yeah, you're a terrible (and frankly, naive) leader if you think that rape-offspring will enlist in your army. Your occupational forces will likely be subject to terrorist attacks until the end of time... if the game models such a thing.

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You highly over-exaggerated the immorality of your actions. I suppose your first mistake was not punishing the offenders, sure, but this "hobweed" should be legal regardless of the circumstances. You did the right thing by legalizing it, because (in my opinion) it's the mother's right to have access to abortion as one of the options to consider when pregnant.

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Zelda: Skyward Sword. I wanted to like it... but it was really boring and frustrating to play.

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BTW, great article Patrick. Your feelings on Aiden describes my feelings on the protagonist of GTA 4. He was supposedly trying to be a "good" guy but everything about him felt so insincere when you were killing so many people, including, at one point, killing a man simply for sleeping with your love interest. Like wtf.