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@humanity: your post leaves the impression that you believe GTA 5 cost 2 billion to create. It did not cost 2 billion to make.

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Ugh, God. That last line in tonights episode...

"These contracts... signatures all over 'em."

Yeah, that's how they work.

God, this piss-poor writing this season.

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I, too, am underwhelmed by this season. I can't get into specifics because I'm on an iPad and don't have access to the spoiler tags. Let's just say season 1 had subtlety, intrigue, and tension where this season does not.

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but with regard to the launch of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U not necessarily having progressed well

The WiiU I understand, but I'm under the impression that the 3DS is quite successful. Is Iwata just referring to the rough start that the 3DS had?

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That. Looked. Fucking. Fantastic.

Bloodborne? P5? 2015 has been a pretty damn good year!!

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Big, Crazy Prediction: A Motorcycle Helmet

My prediction is that the NX will be a motorcycle helmet in 2017. Here's what I'm basing my prediction on:

  • Nintendo's hardware R&D is actually crazy good at coming up with solutions that other companies previously thought impossible. For example, the 3DS came out in an era where every single 3d-display technology required either passive or battery-powered glasses to be worn. The 3D in the 3DS is actually something of a marvel in that no glasses are required. While the idea behind the WiiU tablet is not new—just a tablet and a gamecube controller mashed together—the screen-mirroring content has really, really low latency and good compression.
  • Like the 3DS versus 3d-TVs/3d cinema-fad, or the WiiU vs tablet fad, Nintendo likes coming out with their own take on things that are in-vogue for the time. Right now that trend is VR.
  • Nintendo has hinted that their next console may not be what we might expect. I am interpreting this that it's not necessarily a home console.
  • Nintendo really likes selling 3DS's with special themes.
  • Nintendo recently shut down the Nintendo Club service, and suggested that something else in it's place would return.
  • Nintendo recently entered a partnership with Japanese cellphone service provider, DeNA.

So, I'm going to throw a hail-mary and claim that the NX will be a wearable VR helmet, roughly the size and form factor of a motorcycle helmet. Here's the features I'm imagining:

  • It is only 1 SKU, and succeeds both the 3DS and WiiU. It comes with 1 helmet, 1 HDMI dongle for streaming content to the TV, 1 charge base, and 1 controller.
  • The Helmet has a visor with two 960x1080 screens for a 1920x1080 field of view VR experience for games like a Metroid Prime reboot, or a diorama-version of Paper Mario.
  • The Visor can either be flipped open, or (and this part is probably the craziest part) the visor is semi-transparent, and can draw a HUD when in the "Home" mode. This HUD mode can also draw AR-like things in the real-world, similar to Microsoft's Hololens but with some utility...
  • ...because the helmet will have a 3G or 4G internet connection, and some basic apps like Maps or Email, along with an eShop.
  • The controller will have a 1:1 motion sense capability and be spacially-aware of its distance from the helmet.
  • Players that do not want to play their game with the helmet on can plug in their paired HDMI dongle, similar in form-factor to a Chromecast. This will allow them to play some games on their TV.
  • After the initial release period, there will be other models themed after other nintendo properties. For example, a Samus-style helmet, or perhaps a helment that looks like Mr. Saturn. In this way, the helmets will make a fashion statement.
  • The unit would normally retail for $600, but because a subscription to the newly revamped Nintendo 4G service will be required, it will only cost $200 plus a monthly fee for 2 years. The monthly service will be required to use the system, but after 2 years you will not be charged an early-termination fee.

A motorcycle helmet-sized form factor seems pretty big, but I think it will need to be that big for a couple reasons:

  • Battery life; the entire inside collar region of the helmet will be batteries. This will also cause another problem which is...
  • Heat. A series of small fans around the bottom collar will also vent out heat.
  • GPU/CPU/RAM hardware will have to be considerable to drive 1920x1080 at the refresh-rate required for the user to have a comfortable experience. So accordingly, the helmet will have to be large enough to accommodate this.
  • Eventually, later models will be either slimmer or made of less material (like only cover the scalp and brow region).

It will be called the Nintendo Go. And everyone will want one.

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Played a decent amount of Skyrim. Only played a little bit of Fallout 3. It was cool but I *really* didn't like the good/evil karma system. I am hoping Fallout 4 doesn't bother with that contrivance.

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It looked bad.

Edit: Rather, I'm sure it's a fine game. It's just not what I was hoping for.

I really liked the 2012 game, and grew up playing the first three games. I really liked the 2012 game because I felt it honored the first game while adapting t for ,odeon audiences. As much as I liked UFO Defense, I liked Terror From the Deep just as much if not more. This new premise seems boring and more of the same.

Also, wtf everything looks nice and clean under the new alien regime.

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If you go into Morrowind/Skyrim blind then that game is chock full of the moments you're describing.

Dark Souls as well, (again, if you're going in blind without spoilers).

Destiny is a huge letdown in many regards, this one included.

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OP it sounds like you want to live north based on your options. I take it that your work is on the north side of Seattle?

I just moved to Lake City (the northernmost portion of Seattle) but I've lived in nearly every district over the past 14 years. You can ask me anything. So far, for what it's worth, Lake City seems alright.

Are you wanting to live close to a night-life or bar scene? Or want somewhere secluded and quiet?