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Well... pre-ordering Destiny burned me so bad that I never bought any of the expansions. If/When Destiny 2 comes out, if it's $0 upfront and micro-transaction'd to the gills then at least I might get back into it then. Sounds weird, but seriously their current pricing model has me so alienated I don't want to spend a single dollar on Destiny.

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So, you should just do what I'm doing and not buy it.

I pre-ordered Destiny because I had a lot of faith that it would be a good game. I was not satisfied with the content in Destiny from Day One, so I stopped playing it.

If Bungie wants to give me the DLC up to this point *for free* then I'll play Destiny again. I paid sixty dollars for a base game that I don't play. On principal, I'm not going to pay more money for content that makes the game whole.

As a result, Bungie can put me in the "burned me once, lost me forever" category of consumer.

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Witcher 3 made a pretty bad first impression with me. Haven't picked it up in a long while. Honestly was my biggest disappointment of the year.

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Hey guys are we SURE about these knockout times? I heard somewhere that enemies that are 'ZZZ' can actually wake up BEFORE enemies that are 'STN' depending on how they got the 'STN' status.

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But let's all be real here, the last Wii Zelda game was terrible.

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Lotta people talk trash about previous Metal Gear Online iterations, but I actually *really* really liked the MGS3 online in MGS3:Subsistence.

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It offended me that Brad strong-armed Destiny into #10 GOTY, particularly in the same year that Binding of Isaac: Rebirth came out.

Edit: after reading some of the other posts above, it seems I'm not alone. Yo Brad, maybe this GOTY-cast you let all your sacred cows get sacrificed.

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Yeah. Basically ATLUS USA knows jack and Index calls all the shots. I didn't believe 2015 but there was hope. I thought a March 2016 release date was more realistic but hearing Summer 2016 is pretty rough.

Honestly, with MGS 5 and the upcoming Bloodborne DLC I'm pretty set for the rest of this year.

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Did any of you recognize the cassette tape playing in one of the tents that sounded like a news report?

That's from ____PT_____

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"O’Donnell reacted angrily and believed Activision had overstepped its proper role by assuming artistic control of the trailer music. He also threatened Bungie employees in an attempt to keep the trailer from being posted online, and interrupted press briefings."

Sounds like my source from over a year ago was accurate.