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Aw, thanks man! I'll update the blog every Sunday.

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(main) Zelda games never come out in the same year they're announced. Not surprised in the slightest.

Meanwhile, how's that Starfox game coming along? that we haven't seen any (official) footage of...

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Catherine is a genius-stroke of a game.

• The story, while not perfect, addressed a relatable issue that no other game has: as a thirty-something professional is it better to "shack up" or should you stay single?

• The gameplay was great. I loved the Rapunzel mini game. Turns out, I later discovered that game was inspired by the famicom game "Babel No Tou" or Tower of Babel.

• The presentation was slick as hell, although the facial animation/lip sync could definitely use some work.

Still bums me out that Jeff didn't like it, instead complained that it wasn't more like Persona 4 (sequelitis much? Sigh...)

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So, in part 4 which was just posted late last night I learned something new about the game:

  • Towns that were previously safe can be not-safe and have monster encounters.

Recall this game came out in 1990. The only games that I can think of that also have this happen in them are Final Fantasy 4 and Super Mario RPG, both of which are SNES games. So we might have found a "first" in game history, which is really exciting for me.

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If you take the time to watch Part 1 pretty much all of the systems and the back story gets explained, so that might make things easier for you. We really try to stay "fresh" by not looking at any FAQs as much as possible. In this case I only looked at a FAQ once to figure out how to revive Kirin, but it turns out you can't until way later in the game (hence the restart). The death penalty in this game is pretty severe as it turns out.

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...and boy, this is a weird game.

My friend is a native Japanese speaker and has a bunch of old famicom games. After I got my Retron 5 I decided to make some videos about them. We decided to do an "Endurance Run" on MADARA, not knowing how long the game is. We only knew a few things about this game before starting, which was...

  • Konami made it in 1990.
  • It's one of only three games to have the VRC6 sound chip. So it probably had good music.
  • It's a JRPG, but in the year 1990 so its contemporaries were Final Fantasy I and Dragon Quest.

Part 1 ended up being really long because we struggled a great deal with learning the systems of the game. I wouldn't expect anyone to put themselves through a 50 minute video on this. After restarting things went a LOT faster and I was able to cut things down to a more digestible size.

This game has a lot going for it, and is definitely worth playing if you know how to translate Japanese and can get past the steep difficulty curve.

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And part 3 after that

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If you guys want me to update this or turn it into a Madara blog let me know.

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4, The Room gets a lot of crap, but I dunno! I sure thought it was scary!

"Don't go out!"

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I dunno, I kinda liked Legend of Neil. It had its moments.

...but yeah a "serious" live-action Zelda show would be dumb as hell.

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Played and beat 4. Played 3 FES and couldn't finish it.

I know what you're trying to say but no; 4 is categorically better than 3 across the board. People who play 3 first and say 3 is better are, well... they're just plain wrong!

Also, FF6 > Any other Final Fantasy, but FF6 was definitely not my first Final Fantasy.

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Well, there we have it, 2015's Style Award of the year. Already, this game has miles more styles than any of 2014's winners/noms.

... please come out in 2015.