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Same thing happened to me. My wife purchased a $50 gift card from Best Buy and it has been in a card on our Xmas tree for weeks. I opened it scratched off the code and entered it and it said already used. Contacted Sony CS just to be told the code was redeemed on the 18th. Unreal.. The tell me to ask for a replacement from BestBuy, which as we know is going to laugh at me when I show up with a used card. So my wife paid $50 for a piece of cardboard.

Update: I learned that my Mother-in-Law got the cards from a BestBuy in North Carolina. They are the cardboard cards, not the plastic ones. So... buyer beware of Best Buy?

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Ahahaha. That's awesome. I love the dumb expression on the chicken. You gotta love Kojima's sense of humor...

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A name that does not have "Wii" in it. They have thoroughly confused their customers with that brand at this point.

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Anyone having issues with their PSN gift cards? This is a first for me...

Got two gift cards for XMas. They were for $50 each. I had to scratch off the gray stuff with a coin to reveal the codes. Tried entering them into the PS4 Redeem Code in the PlayStation Store and uh, I got an error saying the codes had already been redeemed. Huh?

Before you say "stolen", if they were stolen they would have never been activated at the register, which would produce a different error code.

I got on the PSN support chat, but after giving them the bum codes, they said that I would have to go back to the retailer (across the country) and ask for replacement codes. Even if I could get to the original retailer, imagine if I walk in with two clearly (now) used cards, and tell them, "these didn't work, gimme two replacements". Ugh.

How could codes already be redeemed? Does Sony not recycle codes when they're supposed to? Did their codebase get hacked? :/

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Yeah, this has been a very bad year for AAA games. Personally, I absolutely LOVE the stuff that's been coming out on PS Plus for PS4. I also really liked Dark Souls 2.

I'm actually kinda bummed because, reading into the atmosphere on the bombcast it sounds like none of the games I liked will get on the list this year and they'll spend hours arguing over a bunch of mediocre games to put on the list.

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Everyone around the office loves Destiny, but I was shocked and disappointed by it. I got up to level 17 maybe, never finished it. I guess you could say, I don't have time to explain why I don't have time.

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Sigh. Where was this outrage when Adventure Time: Card Wars came out on iOS? That game is $4.99 and has the Japanese-style aggressive micro-transaction stamina system. For a full price game. : /

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I thought it was bad. I think Egoraptor sums up my feelings best.

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Played vanilla +wrath 170+ hours. Played 2 hours of Rebirth PS4 last night. Loved it, and I think Rebirth is harder if only because the 60fps takes a lot of getting used to. Isaac is faster but so are the projectiles. And no slowdown even if there is a bunch of stuff flying around everywhere.

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My dream-team:

• Jeff - of course.

• Brad - I was 100% with Brad on DOTA 2 but now I'm 100% against Brad on Destiny.

• Patrick - for the scary games or easily-ignored games

• Vinny - gotta have a Dark Souls pick

• Alex - it's almost a running gag how much his picks get cut.

Reasons why the others don't make he cut:

• Dan: Dan Ryckert actually has pretty sensible moderation when it comes to consuming games and has decent opinions. Would be on my list except 6 ppl is too much.

• Drew: doesn't play enough videogames to have an informed opinion on the debate. This was the case last year. He barely talked.