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The first thing that came into my head is why would I pay for discounts isn't a contradiction? 
I honestly feel like I cant judge until I see what kind of content I would be getting. I mean I think it would be cool for example if im psn+ I would get the extra costumes from Uncharted multi-player for free or the map packs from Killzone 2. That kind of content I would like yeah okay because I payed for this service it would be cool to not buy and it automatically updates so I wouldn't have to worry about going into the store and installing it. Then comes the exclusive content I have no idea what kind of content it would bring but then again it could be really awesome exclusive content or really crappy content. Im just gonna wait and see what they bring to the table.

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Just yesterday I connected my psp to my ps3 and bought some games and today I tried getting on the psn store and its telling me that the feature is available in my region! I live in California and this has never happened to me before can anyone tell me theyre having the issue as well and how can fix it thanks?

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and I realized they keep bringing up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 
they all sound like they would play and I thought why wont they do that for the next endurance run its a lengthy and fun game? idk just shooting some thoughts

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I just installed far cry on my 64bit vista and everything works great but when I enter first person mode the mouse stops working in the menus the mouse works fine but when I got back into the game the mouse completely dies? Does any body else have this problem and if there is any way to fix it please help?

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I still remember getting mine for freaking 60 bucks! when they first came out I wonder if anyone gets them for like 5 bucks now or something lol ??

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I have a question about the hdmi and the sound, I have the hdmi hooked up on ps3 to tv and I use aux cables to hook up my home theather system. My audio system is 5.1 surround sound but when I go on the audio settings to detect it only detects the tvs 2 speaker sysytem, is there any way I can get it to signal the 5.1 like this or am I gonna have to get a reciever to plug in the ps3 to surround sound?

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on hd must take quite some time to download I wonder if anyone did?? I just got the blu ray version came with dig copy and special features -_-

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The Story

I was playing Infamous the other day and everything was going great I was more than half way on the story and enjoying the game so far then suddenly while my character was in a middle of a jump my PS3 froze on theres nothing blocking it from getting good venting and it was not hot, but for some reason it reminded me of the ps1 days when it would happen exatly like so. I laughed it out thinking about past just wondering if anybody else had their PS3 freeze like this?
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I still remember those see through light blue controllers sony sold for the ps2 if they ever came back again I would buy one again for old times sake!

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And got so down that you could only play multiplayer cuz damn they got me good.