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I'd like to join the guild. I've been playing GW2 on and off since launch and recently re-installed it to play some more. My tag is FixerofDeath.3579. I look forward to seeing you in-game!

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I really like Patrick and the content that he was putting out on this site. That said, this is gross. I despise Kotaku. Won't be following Scoops on Kotaku. Sad day.

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Sad to see you go Patrick. Spookin' was one of my favorite features on the site. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

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I'm sorry you've had to put up with a ton of garbage from terrible people. No one should have to fear for their lives just for working in the video game industry. Hopefully you are a role model for other women who are in similar positions. Please don't let those rotten apples stop you from doing what you do.

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@shindig: You're probably right. Unfortunately, so many people are bothered by this that it will probably make the game more well known and successful than it would be if people would just choose to not be outraged when they don't have to be.

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I have enjoyed the outcry this trailer has produced more than I will probably ever enjoy the game itself, so if anything I thank its creators for that. I watched the trailer and thought, "ha, that's pretty fucked up--whatever, the game looks kind of boring." Then I read comments on this site and on twitter and, man, I was not expecting so many people to be that bothered by it. It's just a game guys, stop looking to be offended by everything. You are the one who decides what offends you.

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So, a referendum of anonymous individuals. If I threw out a "hey #gamergate people, what's your feeling on this?", what, precisely, is preventing anti-GG people from coming together and responding en masse?

Im sorry i edited my post to slowly to better respond to you.

I guess you would have to look into peoples past twitter activity to see there history on the topic and judge if they are being truthful.

I guess this is kind of the core of all of this for me: in an era of complete online anonymity, nothing can be determined to be true with any certainty. If person X were to send out a "hey, gamergate people, what do you think about women?" tweet and the results were 50% "we totally like ladies and wish they were represented in gaming better!" and 50% "burn the witch!", who decides which responses are authentic or not? If someone has little twitter history, should their opinion be disregarded? Should those opinions be disregarded based on which opinion they advance? If someone is new to Twitter, does their opinion count less than someone who has a thousand posts behind them? If 10,000 new accounts say one thing, should we value those responses more than 100 accounts with significant histories behind them?

Most of these are rhetorical questions. I don't really have good answers for how things are going. I'm not trying to be argumentative, but at the same time it's frustrating to think about this kind of stuff.

I guess these are some of the problems that have come with the information age that we, as a society, haven't quite figured out yet. Honestly, I think the problem of communication over the internet is the crux of all the drama that has happened over the past weeks. We're going to have to find a solution for it if anything is going to change.

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The GB crew is already doing the right thing by not doing anything. An article supporting one side or the other would do nothing but fan the flames of hatred being shown by both sides. Giantbomb, to me, has always been a chill, relaxed place for people who enjoy games to come and watch other people who enjoy games give their opinion on said games. The last thing this site needs to do is alienate part of their audience by supporting one side or the other of this "movement."

Obviously, harassment is bad and should be condemned--the GB guys have done this, they need do nothing more. If I have learned anything from this whole debacle, it is that making broad, generalizing statements is a good way to dig your own grave. I respect the GB guys for having the common sense to keep quiet on this matter as nothing good could come out of supporting one side or the other, for them or for the site.

We should just enjoy our hobby and leave the hatred and bigotry off of this site that we all obviously care for.

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As a Magic player these games have no appeal to me. Half the fun of Magic is putting together your own deck. I would much rather stick to playing in real life or MTGO. I suppose Duels of the Planeswalkers aims to bring in newer player who aren't familiar with the actual card game.