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@NekuSakuraba:  One word of advice, If you're new just play as Garen. 
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@NekuSakuraba:  I've played the game with a multitude of friends and no one has had any problems... Maybe its on your end? Granted, all of my friends are experienced DoTa players and we all skipped the tutorials. If you've ever played DoTa I suggest you just jump into a game after researching the heroes a bit and finding one you'd think you'd like.
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I much prefer LoL to HoN. Either way each community is comprised mainly of douche bags, so be prepared, and don't be upset when you're attacked with words. If you want to play either of these games try your best to play with friends as you will have a considerably worse time playing with random people. Its not uncommon to come across griefers in LoL who will purposely try to make your team lose.

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For everyone saying the fade in Dragon Age, there is a mod that completely allows you to skip it while still gaining the stat bonuses that you would get from doing it. Its really nice for when you want to replay the game but don't want to do that part again ~.^

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Phantom Commander. Badass.

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I thought Emile's death was pretty awesome, but was I the only one who only managed to kill one grunt before getting roflstomped by the elites on heroic difficulty? Honestly the scene came up, I shot a grunt and then got blown up by a plasma grenade. The whole sequence lasted about 4 seconds.

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Halo: CE by a mile.

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They bought the legendary edition of the game.

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It's a great game, I look forward to seeing what is added as the game continues to be developed.