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*stands up and starts slowly clapping*

Well said. Thank you.

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Hey Bombers hoping you can help me out.

I'm looking for some games to play with my wife. We've got a 360, PS3, Wii, PS2 and PC(s).

I'm up for anything except motion games and stupid Wii-mote waggle mini-game collections and have played an extensive collection of games from complex to simple.

She on the other hand has a few caveats to keep in mind when recommending games. Here is what we've played so far:

  • Lego <INSERT TITLE HERE> - On the Wii, 360 and PS3
    • She enjoyed the games, found the controls easy, was able to keep track of her character. Downside is that once you've played one Lego game you've played them all.
  • Rayman Origins - On the 360
    • Loves the art style but has difficulty with the more complicated controls and pace of the action on screen. Screen can quickly become cluttered and sometimes loses track of where to go or where her character is. Early going was great as the levels were easier but the difficulty ramped up way to much for her.
  • Resident Evil 5 - On the 360
    • Forget it. Even I had problems with those god damn controls and ended up just playing it out solo.
  • Dance Central - On 360
    • Loves it, rocks it
    • I hate dancing
  • Rock Band - On 360
    • Loves it, reason why I'm down over $200 on song DLC
    • We played through single player and that's run it's course for us

We're probably looking to stay away from first person shooters since those require a fair amount of co-ordination.

Games like Civilization 4 might be on the table. I never thought to ask. Real-time strategy is probably out though.

We're looking for co-op games which eliminates racing, fighting and sports games.

What ya got for us Bombers? Give me everything you got. Old, new I don't care. I'll scour eBay for carts, consoles, discs, what ever.

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I just broke into 2013 tonight after finishing the GB 2012 GOTY podcasts. You are not alone.... but I think you're more screwed than me.

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Very odd problem. I can look at the RSS Feed in Chrome here on my desktop and see it's being updated. If I do a refresh in Downcaster it says no new episodes. I've got a huge backlog so I don't want to delete/re-add the RSS feed. I tried manually re-adding the feed and Downcaster told me I'm already subscribed...

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I can't pull from the subscriber feeds using Downcaster on my iOS 6.1 device.

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Thanks Ouren for the details. Sounds like I'm not missing out on much. Hopefully they come to Steam Greenlight and tweak things a bit.

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Weak. I hope it gets ported. Want to play it. Don't want to buy a Vita for one game. That's how I ended up with a PSP and 30 Second Hero.

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Does anyone know if this will be coming to anything other than the PS Vita?

Can I play PS Vita downloadable games on a PS3?

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So does that mean I can finally buy ME3on Steam? I'd rebuy 1 and 2 for that privledge.