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That's cool do I still have to pay 12 dollars a month for P2p internet with all the media shit locked behind that? Do I still have to deal with 12 year olds on their shitty online service and bad selection of games? Do I still have to have the shitty kinect and pay 100 dollars more?
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@batmeng: You seem upset over my opinion, maybe it's you who belongs on 4chan pal.

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@numbthumb: There's a difference between showing only multiplat games with two middling exclusives and showing actual content for your system that people use to buy yours instead of your competitors.

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@batmeng: What's 4chan have to do with anything, M$ shill?

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QTEs in Romeland

Brown: The Bloomening

Shooters in the First Person

If you're genuinely excited about it you may just be a casual.

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@grumpybob: What was solid about it? Don't just spout out things with lack of evidence. The best games were multiplat and the rest were tired, same gameplay.