E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

Fjordson: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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Posted by laussica

wow most of your games are very much like i would have picked 
 metal gear rising's e3 trailer made me ten times more amped then b4, the last guardian is no doubt going to be something special, rage = awesome cause im a big borderlands fan, old republic cause im looking for an mmo that is in a world i am interested in (i dont like the wow universe, i would have prefered a sc mmo) and something that isnt an grindfest (aion, final fantasy 11).
Arkham city because the 1st game had amazing level design, infamous 2 cause it was a cool ps3 exculsive that i think totally deserves a sequel, bulletstorm because i noe it will have some great run and gun gameplay ive been craving and the agency because it interests me but im looking forward to la noire a bit more.
i know that you made this awhile ago but i just decided to look at your profile cause i see u around alot and ur a pacter fan