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You people realize that someone whos experienced with a controller will perform as well on a console as someone whos experienced with a keyboard on PC. There's very little difference.

The ShadowRun guys didn't seem to think so. Regardless of the game's overall quality, they hindered PC players while giving console players an impractical amount of assists. Both kinds of players seemed evenly matched, but from what I remember the PC players felt so hindered they didn't bother playing for too long.

Also see Quake III: Arena on the Dreamcast, where people who plugged in a keyboard could easily overwhelm players using a controller.

As for the general schism in difficulty between PC and Console games, I think it's a matter of control differences. I've played a few games on both console and PC (RE5, Hydrophobia, Left 4 Dead, etc) and haven't noticed anything significant. Though I remember the original Crysis, a PC exclusive, being much harder than Crysis 2, a game designed with both audiences in mind.

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@kuddles: I have noticed they've taken more breaks recently.

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@Grissefar: Glad to see this thread is always expanding its boundaries of the incredibly weird.

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@FluxWaveZ: True, but if the initial choice to turn it off was made because of people writing in to whine about it, perhaps people saying otherwise might let them know it's okay.

If, however, the AC was causing power outages, that's another story.

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@Kyle: I'll re-listen to it -- see if it was hypothetical or not.

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@Kyle: If they'd never done it, no one would've complained about it.

As for me, I didn't notice it, so I guess they'd have to turn it on again for me to hear the difference.

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Though it's unlikely the Bomb Squad will ever visit Nebraska, I'd love to see footage of these gatherings. In 3D!

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Thanks for this thread! Had no idea that a) Chime was dirt-cheap and b) I hated my wallet so much.

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I've bought Just Cause 2 and Recettear so far.

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I'd like to remind anyone who hasn't picked up Greed Corp that it's $2.50 right now. Definitely worth picking up.