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@notnert427: I disagree with the assessment of No Country. Watched it once, didn't catch everything, love the ending. Don't feel the need to watch it again because my initial viewing of it is tainted by the first time I seriously considered my mortality (bad movie to watch when that's happening, by the way!), but I might go back and watch it again in the future and see if anything changes. Haven't watched Fargo.

But! Having watched Burn After Reading, I see where your thoughts on the Coen Bros' come from. That movie was building up to something special then ruined it.

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It sounds like you have eyefinity multi-display turned on in the catalyst software actually, if you do turn it off.

This totally fixed the issue! Thanks!

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I haven't used the duplicate setting in a long ass time, but I've been trying to show PC games off to some friends of mine recently. However, when I have a m/kb game I need to see on both my monitor and the tv I have, using the "Duplicate" setting, which should show the same image on both screens instead stretches the screen in a weird way. It works perfectly find when I use the Extend setting, but for some reason it's not letting me duplicate. For reference, here's how the desktop looks like when using extend:

And this is what it looks like when using duplicate:

So it makes any game I try to run look super wonky. Duplicate should just show the same image on both screens, but instead it's stretching it. Also note that in the extend shot I just put up two different windows of GB -- it's not duplicating, since you see the start button on one side of the screen but not the other.

For reference I'm using an ATI Radeon HD 7870 with Windows 7 and an Intel i5 4670. Both screens are plugged into the video card.

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@zombiepie said:

@coribald: I based my Tweet on Jeff trolling. That said, I fucked up.

That doesn't even make sense. Jeff tweets Dan and Jason are joining IGN, you tweet they are joining GB. I mean, I get that it's part of the gag, but come on

Jeff congratulated them on their new positions. He said nothing about IGN. Mods must've not seen the picture/jumped the gun.

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Young Liquid is my rap name.

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Steam name: Quesadildo

Location: USA

Bracket: Normal

Wins: ~200

Role/Hero: Most supports 'cept Chen, many core heroes like Death Prophet and Necrolyte. Some experience with hard carries.

I call not captain ain't nobody got time for that

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This is about as interactive as the Uncharted games, so I I'm certain the game will sell millions of dollars.

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Thanks guys!

Is it at all possible to install Windows 7/8 on the thing without a disc drive? I don't think a disk drive is really worth getting for any other reason, really.

Edit: The Windows 8 Upgrade version works on a fresh install, right? I don't see any other version.

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Thanks, I'll go ahead and give him the okay. So the processor will work fine for a while?