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Not to sound frustrated, but maybe it would be better if one of you guys built one on AVA so I at least have a solid base to work from. Then I'd go in an add a monitor and keyboard (I already have a mouse that I'm attached to...)
As for my gaming goals, Maybe not top of the line, but something that'd play new releases and stuff in the future. If nothing else, I want to run Starcraft 2 as well as possible. I'm aware that there aren't any specs for it, but well, it's a ballpark.

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How about this?
It's $1500, but I have one question: how neccessary would it be to upgrade from 2.66 to 2.93 GHz?

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So, say I'd like to learn how to build something like this computer to save money. Where would I start?

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@Scooper said:

" If you want to overpay out of your ass then it's good. "

Well, since I don't exactly know how to build my own...but then again, I don't know if there's a cheaper way to build something like this without making it myself. Like I said, limited knowledge.
I'd also like some suggestions as to how to save some cash.
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What about an  nVidia GeForce GTX 260 for 1792MB? It's 100 bucks more, but if I can get the whole thing under 3000 I'm good.

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So, Dell's having a sale or something, and I built this thing on their site. I have a very limited knowledge of computers, so I wanted feedback as to what to improve. The purpose of this computer would be to finally do some serious PC gaming, which means running the most demanding games out there (in theory, anyway). So, I just want to get GB's opinion on this rig here:

PROCESSORSIntel® Core™ i7-940 processor(8MB L3 Cache, 2.93GHz)
OPERATING SYSTEMGenuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1, 64-Bit
OFFICE SOFTWAREMicrosoft® Office Home and Student 2007
WARRANTY AND SERVICE2Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
SECURITY SOFTWARENorton Internet Security™ 2009 Edition 24-months
MEMORY8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz - 4 DIMMs
OPTICAL DRIVEDual Drives: Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo (BD-ROM; DVD/CD Burner) and DVD+/-RW
MONITOR20.0" Dell ST2010 HD Widescreen Monitor
VIDEO CARDnVidia GeForce GTS 240 1024MB
SOUND CARDSoundblaster® X-Fi™ Xtreme Audio
SPEAKERSBose Companion 2 Series II Multimedia Speaker System
KEYBOARDLogitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution
MOUSEMouse included in Wireless, Laser or Bluetooth Package
MODEMNo Modem Option
WIRELESSDell 1505 WLAN PCIe card with11n mini-Card & external antenna
My Accessories
TOP SELLING SOFTWARENorton 360 3.0 All-in-One Security
ENTERTAINMENT AND EDITING SOFTWAREAdobe® Photoshop® Elements + Adobe® Premiere® Elements
DATASAFE ONLINE BACKUPDell Online Backup 2GB for 1 year
POWER PROTECTIONBelkin 12-Outlet Surge Suppressor
STORAGE BACKUPWestern Digital 1TB My Book Essential Edition External Hard Drive USB
Studio XPS 9000Studio XPS 9000
Adobe SoftwareAdobe® Acrobat® Reader 9.0 Multi-Language
LABELSWindows Vista™ Premium
REMOTE ACCESSDell Remote Access, free basic service
PRICE: $2,602
Feel free to comment on anything that isn't hardware related as well.
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@Monkeygb21 said:
" @Paperlink said:

" What do you guys think Jeff meant when he said that? "

I believe the comment was in reference to Grin and Square’s relationship.  

I think he was saying that he did not believe the project was taken away from Grin due to issues of quality.  

I speculate that his elaboration would go something like this:   There are a lot of mediocre Final Fantasy games (spinoffs) and Grin couldn’t do much worse.

Is this the correct context?

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You guys are real nice.

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I don't remember exactly what It was referring to now, actually, I think it was around the time they were talking about persona and the endurance run... I'll have to go back and listen to it. In the meantime, maybe someone remembers.
 edit: Forgot to mention it was in this week's podcast, but I can't seem to figure out where, I'm relistening to it right now.

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What do you guys think Jeff meant when he said that?