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At this point, I feel like the only thing that separates the 360's online infrastructure from their console competitors is their speed. Updates and download speeds are generally faster on the 360, while the download system on PS3 is often frequent and tedious. I have at assume that these faster speeds are in part possible because people are (sort of) paying into them. The MS server guys can continue validating needing faster speeds by saying "if we're as slow as PSN, people may consider whether our service really is more valuable."

The obvious counterpoint, is, of course, that you can take advantage of those speeds without paying at all, and it's ludicrous to think that MS would ever restrict their download speeds to favor Gold members (I mean, they could, but it'd be stupid). So Gold members are paying into a pool, of sorts, where faster download speeds and more consistent servers are paid by some people but benefit everyone. To keep this up, MS has to keep charging for Gold. Now that the competition (PS3, not necessarily Wii/U just yet) in terms of features, MS has a harder time justifying that $60, but they have to keep charging for it.

It's a weird corner to paint yourself into, but there they are. And in case anyone thinks I'm defending MS, I'm not. I think Gold is bullshit, and I only renewed last year because it was $30 and was tax-deductible (I reviewed a couple 360 games for money the year I bought it). My theory could be entirely off the mark (I'm not an expert), but that's why I think they're still charging for it. That said, I largely agree with the article.

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Do we have an official GB group for Dota 2? Feels like we should have one.

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Favorite: Dota 2

Hated: Assassin's Creed. It killed all of my appreciation for that series. I even liked RE6 more.

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I have a key for Far Cry 3 that came with my video card, and I'd like to see if any of y'all would trade me a Steam copy of FC3 for it. I know it's stupid, but I'd much rather have the steam version of the game, and maybe someone hates Steam enough to want a non-Steam version of it?

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Is it coincidental that Alex's image bears a slight resemblance to one Nicholas Cage?

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I'm looking to capture a few of my Super Street Fighter IV (PC) and was wondering what the best way to do it would be. I'd like something without a watermark (i.e., no FRAPS), but if that's really my best option, I'll take it.

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@Little_Socrates said:

Honestly, it looks more like Polygon than the new Giant Bomb.

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@believer258: Right at the end, after the official show was over.

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I had to do it.

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That sounds like it'll work. Any recs for a specific cable? Would need a fairly long one.