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That sounds like it'll work. Any recs for a specific cable? Would need a fairly long one.

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I had an HDMI port, but it got busted. And my TV only has one HDMI port on it, so I'd have to constantly swap cables If I went between the DVI/HDMI cable and the regular one I use for consoles (unless there's a fmale version of the HDMI end of a DVI cable). Is USB HDMI really that shitty?

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My PC does not have a working HDMI port, and I wanted to connect my PC to my HDTV. I'm thinking of going USB-to-HDMI adapter, but I'm not sure which one to get. Does anyone have some recommendations for this?

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Most big-and-tall stores have terrible taste, and I've got polos covered, so I was wondering where I could buy some cool t-shirts in my size (see title). Very few gaming shirts catch my interest, but I'd like something other than single colored tees.

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So I'm definitely getting that Crucial M4 drive, and found thisthing to be around my budget. Is this the best thing I can get for under $200, or should get something else/wait for price drops for more powerful cards?

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@Fattony12000: Would I have to get a new copy of W7, then?

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@Fattony12000: @MordeaniisChaos: Thanks! Quick question, though; if I get an SSD, could I use it in conjunction with the HDD I already have, or will I have to reign in my memory usage?

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So, veering off-topic a bit, does anyone have suggestions for what SSD/GPUs I should upgrade to?

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@MrRedwine said:

Are you planning to upgrade to Windows 8? If so, here are me thoughts:

Make user your motherboard supports UEFI, not just BIOS, this will make booting faster and more "secure" (You can still load other OSes if you want, despite what others might tell you)

Also, the SSD makes a lot of sense and will more than likely speed up your computer more than anything else.

Get a touch screen monitor. With Windows 8, this will make a LOT of sense.

I would actually reccomend waiting about 6 months from now to make upgrades because I think some hardware manufacturers are holding back things for when Windows 8 ships.

So should I get an SSD now and wait for W8, then?

And thanks! The ATI will be the first thing I upgrade.

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Processor Intel Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz

Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.5

ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 6.8

Gaming graphics 4843 MB Total available graphics memory

I've been thinking of upping my performance some, and aside from getting a SATA drive (which I'm not sure I should upgrade even though the Windows Index thing is 5.9), which component upgrade would give me the biggest bump in performance?