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@Spartan117Tron: Turns out I have both not played it and an interest in it!

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Nintendo could make a profit from these if they did an Atlus and released a limited run. Or you know, Atlus could pick these up. Or hell, Ignition. In any case, I think Nintendo gave fans the finger because it doesn't want its hand tied. It'd be foolish to assume Nintendo isn't at least looking into releasing these games right now. If they think they can make money, they'll do it. Or they can just ride it out until the WiiU. Or release a triple pack called "The Nintendo Leave Us the Hell Alone Now" pack.

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Catherine, Bastion, El Shaddai, Silent Hill: Downpour (that one seems questionable), and Zelda, depending on its release date are the non-big games I can come up with.

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Would appreciate a copy of New Vegas, kind sir.

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RE5 had an astounding amount of replay value. Between that and Mercs, I played RE5 more than any other game in 2009.

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@eunao2: Might have to hold off on buying it until I know for sure.

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I heard Bully had significant problems on PC. Can anyone confirm if the patch they released a while back addressed most of these issues?

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@ericdrum: The left-hand right-hand thing is something you get used to as you play more PC games. I had trouble with crouching using the Ctrl key when I first played PC shooters. That sounds like I'm apologizing for a poor layout, but keep in mind a lot of people also have to get used to controllers when they first start using them. Non-gamers can't seem to get a handle on using both analog sticks at once.

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@nintendoeats: Even in the case you mentioned, I still think you should be able to pause it. I can't think of a reason a game would need cutscenes to play without stopping, unless it's trying to hide load screens. In which case the game could load while the scene was paused.

Most of my things "all games should have" are too specific, but most of the ones that involve understanding different audiences (subtitles for the hearing impaired and so on) seem obvious. I'd love to see every game contain multiple languages, but that's a dream I'm willing to give up for the sake of games actually coming out and fitting on as few disks as possible. Finally, most games could use a quick-save, though I can think a few instances where it's not necessary or counter-intuitive (most masocore platformers, arcade games).

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@nintendoeats: You can pause movies. Regardless of how intense a cutscene is, emergencies are likely to come up, in which case someone may end up not watching something you as a designer worked hard to create because they have a kid, or because the pizza's arrived. Not being able to skip cutscenes wreaks of hubris.