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@BubbleBobble: Operaction Raccoon City is as close as you'll get to something like that for now.

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I'd like to see some proof of No More Heroes taking place in 2037.

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Strawberry-banana smoothies are delicious.

Strawberry-kiwi smoothies taste like ground ass.

*Point for Strawberry-banana*

Hope you people see my point, made in the most baiting way possible, thus emulating the format of this thread.

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Considering Rockstar probably got the most useful thing out of them (the face-camera tech), and Team Bondi was horribly managed, I can't see Rockstar being anything but happy dumping what is by now a toxic asset.

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Retronautical, man.

Edit: I played a bunch of these games. But as many people have pointed out, it's hard to make a golden age when games age so poorly. I'm sure a lot of people would like to point out all the great games that came out before the 90's and tell you you're wrong.

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@Skytylz: Or, in some cases, make me miss the scene entirely.

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@Spartan117Tron: Turns out I have both not played it and an interest in it!

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Nintendo could make a profit from these if they did an Atlus and released a limited run. Or you know, Atlus could pick these up. Or hell, Ignition. In any case, I think Nintendo gave fans the finger because it doesn't want its hand tied. It'd be foolish to assume Nintendo isn't at least looking into releasing these games right now. If they think they can make money, they'll do it. Or they can just ride it out until the WiiU. Or release a triple pack called "The Nintendo Leave Us the Hell Alone Now" pack.

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Catherine, Bastion, El Shaddai, Silent Hill: Downpour (that one seems questionable), and Zelda, depending on its release date are the non-big games I can come up with.

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Would appreciate a copy of New Vegas, kind sir.