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@budwyzer: It feels like it could have used a month or two more of polishing, but the gameplay is actually quite fun. The combat is fine and the mixture of "puzzle-solving" with the orb and combat at the same time is cool. I've only played it singleplayer so far and it seems like it's not that balanced towards singleplayer as I'm struggling with a number of levels. For its price, I'd say theres a good amount of content as well.

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Yeah, same deal for me. I'm also using chrome.

I frankly can't read this without causing headache.
For a second I thought Crysis 8 had come out.
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What's the economy like in this game? Like, how do you manage income and so on? I can always use a new citybuilder game and recently enjoyed Anno 2070 immensely, but the last time I tried a SimCity game I was too stupid/young to understand the mechanics of it.

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I would like to join.


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I ordered my shotgun-dude into the last room so that he could see the boss, which meant that my sniper was able to see him as well. My sniper then 2-shotted (double tap) the boss and credits.

So in terms of the last boss fight, yeah, I would say they could have done better. Story-wise I quite liked it all the way through.

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This guy is my hero
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@Tennmuerti: Would you know if feeding a epic(purple) item is any different from feeding a normal green item? Does the level of the feeded item affect it any way as well?