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While writing? Left handed.

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If they do it because of quests, no.

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The game is practically dead on the PC.

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@SJSchmidt93:  Close, it's Options > Hotkeys
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This footprints page is quite poorly written. I vote for the other to stay.

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@gilsham:  Marauder is the "nick name" for that kind of infantry unit. If you want to make it an object page I think you'd have to make it for the marauder's suit, not the actual unit. Much like a Space Marine or a Healer class.
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@The_Drizzle said:
"Recently i had 12 or so roaches get into my base and i wasn't sure how, i don't think they wormholed, but they did pop up from a burrow, is there anyway to prevent this? Would a sensor array help? Also are bunkers the only form of ground defensive structures terran have? "
There's a upgrade that enables roaches to move while burrowed. Either wall up your entrance or get some detectors, scanning with your orbital command also works.
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Alright, guess I see the difference now. This thread can be locked now, since there's been a similar discussion earlier like MattyFTM pointed out.

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