Page I've Created

These are the pages I've created or worked a lot on.

Unless the particular page really interests me and I have feel like I can contribute with a paragraph or two, most of my wiki editing is usually just things like page formatting (making consistency on pages, deleting unnecessary space between paragraphs, correcting poor image placement, etc.) and adding images.

List items

Posted by Pop

dang dude you've created lots of pages 0.o

Edited by Flaime

Thanks, but there's plenty of dudes out there who created even more pages.

Posted by Skald

I think I remember all or at least most of the pages I created. I think it started out with all the character pages related to Ace Combat 5, went on to create the Bloodstone page, and the last two I created were for Minute to Win It and that host guy named Guy. 
Good times.