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@ArchScabby said:
" I once jumped out of bed. "
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@sodiumCyclops:  I know what you mean, but it really depends on how you do it. I was using this video as an example because showing something that is 'showoff-ish' looks better than something that isn't.
This is more freerunning/tricking than actual parkour, so if you wanted to do something in the same vein, I would advise doing parkour, which, while it can look quite impressive, doesn't look 'showoff-ish'. LINK TO PARKOUR PAGE
Hope this helps in some way :)
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Anybody else do it?

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Whatever floats your boat...

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Aaagh! 5010th. I just missed out.

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I still can't figure out what the secret quest is. (I know, I'm stupid... etc)

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@CornontheCobbe:  My youtube account is http://www.youtube.com/user/FlaireAZMR I  don't have many videos up at the moment, but I have a couple that I'm editing at the moment and should be up shortly, and I'm going to try to be doing them regularly, so subscribe if you want to see them.
@CoverlessTech:  haha, I meant it was painful/detrimental to my knees to do any of those things
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Are/do you?

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