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Load our Last Souls is some of the funniest content on the internet IMO

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Thanks for the advice guys, now I want both lol. Ill probably end up with a 3ds as I really do want to play A Link Between Worlds. I somehow actually forgot that existed.

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Hey friends, in the next week I will be moving from Providence, RI to San Francisco and have quite a bit of flying ahead of me and being a gamer with zero ability to just sit quietly in one place for hours on end, I decided i need to get a portable system. So what I'm looking to everyone for advice on is which portable console do you suggest and why. I feel like I will have more fun going with a 3DS and some of the first party Nintendo titles that I've missed, but at the same time I have a PS3, PS4, and PS+ and think that it might make more "sense" to go with a Vita, but then there's the question of games. I had a Vita in the past, and loved P4G but I got rid of it because that was just about the only thing I was playing on it.

Anyway, just thought I'd ask and see what your opinions are. What is a great airplane game right now?

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From the fextralife wiki "the weapon's higher than normal base damage allows one to forgo weapon enchants. In fact, this weapon will likely have a higher AR than similar weapons with Resonant Soul Weapon. This can save attunement slots for another spells." Not sure how useful that is but maybe it helps

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Does anyone know of a good video retrospective for the first 2 games just to get all the story bits. Im playing I:SS right now and it's not hurting the experience at all, but I would really like to get a recap of the stories of the first 2. I have infamous 2 on my PS3 (PS+ freebie) but I could never get into it, it felt kind of meh, which is funny since I absolutely LOVE the new one, it's probably because the main character is actually decently written now lol.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a good recap video, I would appreciate the link.

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I still amazes me that some people will complain about the price of something that is completely optional to their life. You realize how lucky you are to even be able to play a video game? To have a computer? A TV? A PS4? Internet?

Embarrassing to have such entitlement with something as unnecessary in life as a video game.

"Outraged" that some game developer decided to price their video game at some price you don't deem worthy is about as short-sighted as anything I've heard in a while. I can understand thinking its too much, but to act like it's some crime against humanity...

I understand complaining about the price of your hospital bills, taxes...but to complain about a privileged person's toy..man.

You said it there duder, the level of entitlement and disregard for the opinions of others is pretty disgusting in our community. It's totally fine to not find the value in this game yourself, but once you start discounting the opinions of others and resorting to childish name calling (I believe one term was "Gaming Stockholm Syndrom) you expose yourself for the 5 year old behind the xbox live headset that you really are, and you bring yourself and our gaming community down to a despicable low that we've been struggling to crawl out of for so long. Have a little respect, and maybe some will come back your way. I love this game, I've put about 15 hours into it already, and I don't see myself stopping. I also picked up inFamous this week which while great, isn't worth $60 to me. Does that mean I should start trolling the inFamous boards about how all the sheeple there will overpay for a mediocre at best game? No, because I'm not a dick.

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@gilby said:

Speaking of Towerfall, why haven't we gotten a 4-player quick look of it? Is it because then they'd have to admit to its wrongful dismissal as launch game of 2013? (but seriously, why no quick look?)

They just played it on UPF last week. I don't know what happened to that archive though, hope it comes back soon

You mean this archive? http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/unprofessional-fridays-03-21-2014/2300-8663/

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I have to say, I don't think it's too far at all. The theme of this game is hate and revenge. This is the story of Big Boss' turn from hero into monster, and it's because of the increasingly despicable and cruel things he has been made witness to at the hands of both his enemies and his countrymen. BB is becoming a demon, he's living long enough to see himself become the villain and it's all because of things like this. The world has destroyed him with it's cruelty and I think this is a really solid example of just how terrible people can be to each other. Things like this, and even worse happen all the time in war torn countries and this should be no different. I understand it's disturbing, it's supposed to be, it's so disturbing in fact that it made one of the hardest, strongest willed heroes we've ever known to finally snap and lose all faith in good. I truly am sorry if that's not what you want in a video game, and that's totally valid, feel free to not play it or just skip the audio logs. There was no rape scene in the game, it's all implied or described via audio log, you don't actually see any of it save for removing the bomb from Paz' stomach. I'm not arguing that it's a despicable thing being portrayed. It's disgusting and inhuman and that's exactly why it belongs, because it's a disgusting and inhuman thing that terrible people do, and skullface is an exceptionally terrible person. Do I think it's deplorable, of course, do I think it doesn't fit the tone/story or is going too far? not at all. I applaud Kojima for bringing these real-world atrocities (rape, torture, child soldiers, etc.) to light and for not only making it shock value but actual commentary on real world situations. I think it will be very interesting and hopefully disturbing to play as Big Boss in TPP as he descends into madness.

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I actually work at From and can confirm all of this.