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woot, figured it out, my work network apparently gets picked up as behind a proxy so the purchase wouldnt go through. Got it to go on my phone. Thanks for the heads up @lashe !!!

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for some reason it keeps saying error processing payment :(

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Has anyone bought this? Is it legit?

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Letitia antiquated? I pass by 3 people every morning that talk just like her on my way to work in the city. Is it wrong of them to talk like that? Are they stereotyping themselves? I don't get the comment.

Anyway, joke about picking nits aside (though I do in fact know multiple people who unironically talk like that and I personally don't see an issue with it), I have to agree with @ezekiel about DX:HR DC and the inclusion of Missing Link. I beat the DC just last night for the first time actually and was extremely bummed about how it killed the flow of the story. Like, theres the big explosion on the docks, your about to escape the city for the epic conclusion of the game and BOOM, your augs are gone and now you have to do some stupid side story on a boat.

Don't get me wrong, the story of Missing Link is kinda cool, has a decent conspiracy and some solid gameplay, but it just doesn't fit at all as part of the main game. Shoehorning it into the DC as if it was actually part of the original game that had to get cut and not a DLC conceived of after the story was more or less done does a huge disservice to both the main game and the DLC. That said it's the only version with NG+ so it looks like I'll be playing through again.

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Been vaping for about a year and am almost down to 0mg nicotine. That said, even when I'm at 0 I dont see myself ftopping alltogether because I just happen to really enjoy the act of smoking, and with vaping I feel healthier (ie no chest pain, lunch pain, coughing mucus, etc that I get from actual smoking) even if the science is still out.

As for the culture, vaping "culture" that people refer to is no more representative of actual people who vape then gamergate is representative of people who play videogames. There are some obnoxious jackasses that give it a bad name but I implore anyone to name an activity that does not produce the same level of jackass "culture" to the perspective of the outsider.

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I believe he has specifically pointed out in the past that his dislike of MGS3 were the weird systems (camo/food/surgery) as well as the setting. He's mentioned a few times about how he really likes "futurey shit" and the more indoor, corridor environment of MGS2 because it has more of that "spy" feel then running around in a big green jungle in MGS3. Add to that the fact that he already wasn't a fan of the control scheme in pre-MGS4 game (seriously who would, they are insane) and you get a recipe for really disliking the game.

Personally, I was right there with him when I played 3 for the first time. Even to date I really dislike playing it yet thing story wise it's one of the more well put together games in the series. MGS4 however, is an absolute GD masterpiece and I wont hear otherwise.

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@baka_shinji17: Honestly not a fan of Drew Walker (the game, not that name lol) but will be happy with any new MGScalon I can get my hands on

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I'm so pumped for Dans of the Patriots. Though on his stream last night Dan made it seem like they may do Peace Walker next.

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I really have to disagree on this one, I think Jeff is the perfect host for UPF for exactly the reasons some here are complaining about. When it comes to shows like The Lobby or even the long missed TNT, a host that's able to focus the direction of the show and make things feel organized and limit chaos works great, but that's not why I watch UPF and pay money to do so. UPF is THE reason I continue to be a paid member and never looked back. UPF is THE reason I go to GiantBomb so often over GSpot, Polygon (urrrp, sorry I puked a lil I think), or Kotaku. What's different about GB, and specifically UPF, is that DGAF attitude, I love it. I love Jeff shaking his head in defeat as Dan continues to go on about some terrible N64 game. I love Brad falling asleep during awesome games/conversations but then seemingly having all the energy of Tony Montoya after burying his face in a pile of coke whenever a new DOTA hat comes out. I love the zany, almost "school project" look of the UPF production with talking heads arranged in stupid ways with DMX Goombas and Paul Ryckert's face flying around all over the place.

UPF is a fun, stupid end to the week, not a games news show. I, and I would argue many other GB fans, love and appreciate GB for not going that route with their content. The thing about GiantBomb is that at this point, video games are almost and added bonus but not the reason we show up. GB is kind of like the WWE, were here for the stupid characters and to see what happens next in the overall drama that is GiantBomb. Sure, we like to hear Jeff's thoughts (read:complaints) about the latest and greatest FPS or retro game, or Drew's opinion on this week's flight sim, but I don't think that's the main draw, it sure isn't for me. For me, it's all about the talent. It's about the stupid and amazing story that is GiantBomb. I mean, we all sat around and watched them clean their offices for two hours last week and enjoyed the hell out of it, if that doesn't make it clear that professional, clean, organized videogames content isn't the reason we keep coming back here I don't know what is.

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@huntad: I get that, and I was never personally offended, I just think it's a tad foolish to ignore the fact that while by dictionary definition "Ignorance" has no connotation good or bad, in it's common use it quite clearly does have a negative connotation. This is a difficult thing about words, especially if one's intent is not to offend, because often times the reality of the modern lexicon is at odds with the original intent of the terms. A great example of this is any slur that's has been used against a homosexual person as nearly all of the more popular ones are not offensive words by any means, but society has accepted them as such.

Either way, no offense taken and I hope I didn't offend you in return :) While the frame drops aren't bugging me enough to notice right now, I do hope From is able to smoothen it out with a patch because, well, of course I would like it to be smoother.