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@flameboy84: I am, and honestly I am sick of hearing this way too obvious and on-the-nose idea for AC. What's interesting about Assassin's Creed is that it takes you to an interesting place. Feudal Japan is the most uninspired thing they could possibly choose.

see there is more they could do than ninjas.....that would be the be the essy answer. japan has morr stories tontell in feudal times im sure.

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I watch live content live as often as possible. I'm in EST and it works out pretty well timings wise. There are simply too many Quick Looks for me to keep up with however not that I'm complaining!

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Same phone as me got this after my HTC One X was stolen (no insurance for theft) its perfectly serviceable and very affordable. Still paying on contract for the One X (Rogers here used to do 3 year contracts) have no intention of renewing going month to month so I can keep on my 6GB data plan! I'm going to be very interested to see what they say currently pay close to $50 a month for the phone and once that's paid the hope would be it reduces by that much but I bet it doesn't.

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Also, how in the fuck is this the AC game that will take place in Asia? All the rich history with ninjas and samurai, and they haven't even really tried to capitalize on this no-brainer?

Turns out there's probably some gross market research that says your Ass Creed game starring a tall white dude has mass market appeal, but if you make the star a cool Indian dude or a Chinese lady and all of the 15-year-old racists will just pass on it.

I'd like to believe that isn't the case. Even if it is, they could do some "Last Samurai" bullshit and still do that setting with a "mass market" protagonist. I'd just really, really like to see an AC game set in feudal Japan with shinobi vs. samurai. That game could be phenomenal if they did it right. Oh well, I guess this is as close as we'll get.

You've basically described the perfect way to get around the "problem"....if only someone would listen!

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Is Star Wars Rebels worth investing some in between now and December? Just finishing up Agent Carter and Daredevil this week so could do with a new show to watch!

Also to answer the question, the prequels dampened my desire for new Star Wars somewhat but I still love the franchise and the new trailer feels like a return to form and what people expect from a Star Wars movie.

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It'd be great if they didn't let him in :D

Need some more drake and pope too, miss those guys.

I don't see why this would not be a good occasion to fly vinny/alex out too, but i doubt that's happening. Hope they're up to their own special breed of antics.

I wonder if it may be better chance for them to continue testing their setup with their own features. From looking back at older shows it has been used as a showcase for new premium content so perhaps if they have something in mind they will show that off from there rather than fly over.

I'm psyched now! A Week away! I've got my plans all ready for the day! May as well take advantage of a spare day off with an empty place! Between 10am-1pm I'll be back on with some Dark Souls (perhaps streaming) then go get some food and nestle in. Got Sniper Elite 3 and Monopoly Plus that I'm going to play on the side as I watch.

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Well all my Christmas' came on one day. Teachers Strike isn't happening until 4th May and my colleague said she wanted to go to meeting I had scheduled in place of me as she has concerns about child that she wants to raise. Got that request in woohoo!

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I should be a detective.

Wait is this bit at least real?!

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They started to release schedules etc.... Speedrunning has got me excited!

Saturday 16th May

12:00 PMSpider-Man 2: Enter ElectroAny%Bonesaw45:00PS1
12:45 PMFriday the 13thAny%DTysonator15:00NES
1:00 PMStreet Fighter 2010Any%DTysonator25:00NES
1:25 PMMike Tyson’s Punch OutBlindfolded%DTysonator15:00NES
1:40 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAny%5upamayne25:00NES
2:05 PMJak and Daxter100%Bonesaw2:15:00PS2
4:20 PMJak IIAny%Nitrofski1:05:00PS2
5:25 PMDonkey Kong Country 2102%Techiyo1:45:00Wii VC
7:10 PMDonkey Kong Country 3Any%MorksQC1:00:00SNES
8:10 PMSuper MetroidAny%Elminster1:00:00SNES

Sunday 17th May

11:00 AMSuper Mario Bros 2 (US)Any%5upamayne20:00NES
11:20 AMSuper Mario 6470 star5upamayne1:00:00N64
12:20 PMMario GolfAll CoursesRWhiteGoose1:30:00N64
1:50 PMConker’s Bad Fur Day100%Morks’s friend1:50:00N64
3:40 PMGoldeneye 007Any% AgentRWhiteGoose30:00N64
4:10 PMLoZ: A Link to the PastAny% no OoB/S+QElminster1:50:00SNES
6:00 PMLoZ: Link’s AwakeningAny%LeonPowPow1:20:00GC GB player?
7:20 PMLoZ: Ocarina of TimeAny%MichaelRadar30:00Wii VC
7:50 PMLoz: Majora’s MaskAny%MajinPhil1:45:00Wii VC
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@flameboy84: I was in the same work situation for the past BLLSLs, I worked it and watched what missed in the archive. If you can get out of it go for it but if they're desperate then it's probably the right thing to do to do the time this once. We're not sure exactly what this BLLSL entails yet so maybe once we know it's up to the standard of the past 3 then get next year's booked off.

Yeah....I should have got it in properly I kind of informally asked my boss and he agreed in principle now all this has happened and it's not gonna happen. Thanks for the insight on how you managed it!