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I would not have cared about this....that's until the live stream Alexis and Danny did made me really want to play the Sims but not enough to buy it!

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I'm super bumped about Dragon Age was going to be my main game for this years Extra Life....

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I loved Dan on Game Informer and he is slowly fitting in. Quick Looks are all well and good but it's UPF that really shows off someone's GB credentials, his boundless enthusiasm for all things Command and Conquer was infectious. Currently have my laptop away getting repaired. When it's back I am definitely firing up some Red Alert.

As for the ketchup. I've suddenly started to dislike it....it could be down to different recipes or something. I moved from England to Canada and since the move all I can taste is the sugar and its rank I don't sugar on my fries or burgers! So it's BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo for me these days!

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Yep been awesome struggling to keep up if I'm honest!

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Wow what a run I'm still yet to remotely beat it.

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I have a ton of games preordered because of a Future Shop preorder 3 and save $20 off each game. Alien Isolation was not one of them due to it being an unknown quantity in so many respects just not worth the risk.

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I've decided to go for the Retrobit Trio for now, need a solution and a think the console on a chip is much better. Looking at AV to HDMI boxes to make that a bit easier. The Retron 5 is too expensive and the firmware is too temperamental.

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I'm going to potentially pick one of these up today. The Retron 5 debacle has become a joke and who knows maybe I'll get one down the line once they resolve some of the issues but at just $69 here in Canada this is a bargain compared to the close to $300 for the Retron 5 is going for.

I'm moving into a new Condo soon and the timing kind of fits in with a lot of retro stuff potentially coming from England via friends visiting so I won't have room to have all my consoles set up so this works out well.

I did wonder what peoples experiences were with using AV/Composite -> HDMI boxes?

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I think it's very sad that this thread has more posts than their welcome thread.

It's also very sad that apparently the new hires different backgrounds, views and opinions are simply erased because of the color of their skin, (also their gender and presumably their sexuality). This in my eye is more racist than the hiring process of Giant Bomb. This has totally blown out of scale far more racist things happen in your own place I'm sure, hell an Indian woman at work today asked "Brown, White, Black or Yellow?" when discussing a new member of staff we just hired....as if she was going to make judgement purely based on that as to whether she would be good hire.

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I would like to say Welcome to both of you I loved your work at Game Informer and cannot wait for your content to start cropping up on GB. I for one think you both will bring something new to the team as well as complementing what is already here!