E3 2011: My Thoughts (So Far)

I was in Disney World during E3, and without internet. So all I had by way of coverage was from USA Today - which didn't have much. But now that I'm back home, I'm finally getting to see everything. 

I'm jumping around, looking at things at random, so that's why my thoughts may seem all over the place. 
Halo: Never been big on Halo, didn't play much of Halo 1, and didn't touch 2 or 3. Halo: Reach is fun in short spurts, but all I can think of while I'm playing it is: this game looks great, but feels ten+ years old. But maybe I'll play Halo Anniversary and want to play 2-6... Maybe.
Kinect: I read about Disneyland Adventures and got excited. I just went to Disneyland last month, and I was in Disney World at the time I read about this. Then I came home and saw it and realized, 'oh, it's still a Kinect game.' Stand with your arms out and move side to side - the game will do the rest. Yeah, that's fun. </sarcasm> Same with Fable: The Journey. Fable II was incredible. Fable III was also good. But The Journey looks lame. Hopefully it will have the top-notch humor the Fable games are known for, but Fable has always been about complete freedom. I don't see freedom here - I see limitations and scripted gameplay. Then there was the Star Wars game... I just recently played The Force Unleashed, which isn't very good. But compare the two and tell me the Kinect game doesn't look like garbage. Oh, then there are more dancing games coming... No thanks. I'll leave the dancing up to my talented nieces.
Wii U: I like it. I've heard good and bad reviews, but I like it. When I read about it, and without seeing any tech demos, I got excited and started thinking about the fun stuff I wanted developers to do with it. Then I came home and saw the tech demos and was pleased to find the developers had even better ideas than I did. To the naysayers, look at the top 10 best games for every current platform, including consoles, PC, handhelds, phones, other devices such as the iPad, and ask yourself this: can the Wii U play that? The answer will be yes in almost every case, if not every case. Call of Duty? Yes. Angry Birds? Yes. StarCraft? Yes. And would the experience be hindered or lacking in any of those games? I don't see how. Technically speaking, it has a standard controller for first- and third-person shooters and action games, a touch screen for iPhone style games, dual screens for DS style games, and a stylus taking place of a mouse in real-time strategy games. Mix that with current Wii tech, and what CAN'T you do? As for people worrying over the price of the controller, well, just look at how many people shelled out $150 for a Kinect. As for the lack of portability, this is a console, not a handheld. Just because there is a smaller device with a screen, that doesn't mean you can take it with you on the bus. First, you can't get this horsepower into a handheld. Second, the 3DS is Nintendo's handheld. Why would they cannibalize themselves? This is also not a phone or a tablet, and sadly, handhelds are dying in the face of mobile phone gaming. People don't want to carry around three devices that each have a different purpose. They want one device to do it all, such as the iPhone and Android. Nintendo is smart to not compete with them, because they can't win, and they don't need to. Currently, Apple owns the smartphone and tablet market, and Nintendo owns the console market - and I think they're both fine with that.
As for the name, well, it's better than just slapping a number at the end.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably post more opinions later. I still need to check out PSVita.

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